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Upgrading PHP in cPanel servers

This article will cover how to upgrade PHP on a cPanel server via EasyApache in WHM.

  1. Login to your server's WHM Panel as the root user. ( https:<yourserversip>:2087 or http:<yourserversip>:2086 )
  2. Navigate to the EasyApache (Apache Update) panel.

  • Once on the EasyApache panel, you'll see a few options and a warning to ensure you've read the documentation. The pre-selected configuration option will be your current/previously-saved configuration outlined in a blue box. Click on the 'Gear Icon' for the DEFAULT (previously saved) configuration to continue with configuring the selected profile.

  • The first step of EasyApache's configuration process is to select the version of Apache that you would like to continue with. The outlined blue box will advise your current running version of Apache. Unless you have specific reasons to upgrade to the latest available version, it's suggested to continue with the default selected version. (Critical changes were made in Apache 2.4x) Proceed by selecting the version and clicking [ Next Step ].

  • The next step of EasyApache will prompt you to select which PHP version to build. It is not suggested to continue with any End of Life versions. Of course, continue by selecting [ Next Step ].

  • You'll now be provided with a list of specific options for PHP. These options include Apache and PHP modules for the build. If you are not sure what to select, it's recommended to leave the default configurations or consult your developer. After making your appropriate selections, scroll to the bottom of the page and select [ Save and Build ] to continue or [ Exhaustive Options List ] for more options. We'll select [ Save and Build ] for this article sticking to the topic.

  • Immediately, you'll receive a Confrim Action Prompt. Clicking OK will continue with rebuilding Apache and the upgraded/selected version of PHP. Clicking Cancel will void out the upgrade session.

  • As long as everything goes smoothly, you will be redirected to a page showing the live upgrade/rebuild progress with a status bar. This can take anywhere from 5~30 minutes.

  • Once completed a new prompt will appear asking if you would like to update the Suexec and PHP configuration options. Of course these changes again are up to you. If you would like to leave them as they are, simply click Close. However if you would like to make any changes ensure that you scroll to the bottom of the frame to select [ Save New Configuration ] before closing the prompt.

Congrats! You've just upgraded your version of PHP on your cPanel server! This can also be done via command line using /scripts/easyapache

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