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VPS Console Access

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You are able to access a Console for your VPS. There are two different ways to access it: via the Java client, or via ssh.

Accessing the server via the Console will give you a root shell session, similar to the shell session you would get logging into the server as root via ssh. But it is strongly recommended only to use the Console (by either means of access) as a last resort. If it is possible to access via ssh instead, it is strongly recommended to use ssh rather than the console. If you need assistance accessing or assessing the server, you can also open a Support Ticket at any time by logging into the Support Portal.


Due to the great variation in browser/java configurations and security setting combinations that easily break the Java console, it is strongly recommended instead to access the Console via ssh (and even then, only if you are not able to log into ssh directly). There are four pieces of information your ssh client will need; the port, the username, the hostname, and the password.

Choosing an ssh client

If you are running Windows, you will probably want to use PuTTY as an ssh client, but if there is another ssh client you prefer that works on Windows, that should also be usable. If you are not familiar with how to use PuTTY you can see our guide here.

PuTTY is multiplatform (i.e., it also works on Linux or Mac), but if you are using Mac, Linux, or another Unix-like operating system, it is likely that you already have an ssh client you can invoke with the ssh command from your preferred terminal or terminal emulator. You can learn more detail about how to use it with commands like ssh --help or man ssh but in general you will want to invoke it like this:

$ ssh -p @

Replace <port number> with the correct ssh port, <username> with the username, and <hostname> with the hostname or IP address of the server you are connecting to. You will then be prompted for the password.


The port is 2200


The hostname to access in order to connect to the console is based on the name of the node that your vps is on. You can find the node your server is on via the Client Portal:

  1. From the Client Portal Dashboard, click “Manage” next to the relevant vps.

2. At the left, click “Server Actions”

3. Note the name of the node

4. The node name is shown in three parts: the type, the number, and the data center. In this example, we have


We need to add a hyphen between the number and the data center, like this:


and then append So then the whole hostname would be:

Username and Password

The Username and Password can also be found in the Client Portal.

  • From the Client Portal Dashboard, click “Manage” next to the relevant vps.
  • At the left, click Console.
  • Depending on your Java and/or browser settings, your browser might prompt you with security prompts for accessing the console via Java. If you wish to use the Java client for the Console, you can click “allow” or similar on these prompts to continue through opening it. If you are using ssh to access the console (as is recommended), you can tell the security prompts “no” at any time, but you will still need the same temporary username and password.

Constructing the command

Using this information together, accessing the Console via SSH would look approximately like this:

Via Java

Here’s an example of the Java-based Console interface.

To access the Java client for the Console, go to the same section of the Client Portal as you would for the temporary username and password as described above. Depending on the java/browser security settings, there may be security prompts to ask you if you want to open/run the java client.

Depending on your Browser’s Security Settings, you’ll need to confirm the security exceptions/permissions.

Security Exceptions and Permissions

Using the Java-based Console requires certain security permissions. This guide covers the typical security prompts from Firefox. (These examples are from Firefox Version 38.0.1)

The following prompts may be presented when attempting to access the Java-based Console. You must allow (yes) all permissions for the console to run properly.

Once confirming all permissions, you’ll receive one final prompt. This is the login prompt. Above the Java-base Console, a temporary Username and Password are provided. Accurately provide the password in the prompt dialog, confirming by pressing the “OK” button.

After successfully logging in, you’ll have full root access of your KnownHost VPS.