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How To Install Free Wildcard SSLs in cPanel?

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We mostly use standard SSL, which covers the single domain name, and we have the second type that covers the unlimited domain names SSLs. In the cPanel, we can configure the free installation of wildcard SSLs with just a few steps. Let’s learn How To Install Free Wildcard SSLs in cPanel?

Setup Wildcard Sub Domain

1. Log in to cPanel using Username Password. i.e; ( or

2. Navigate to Domains → Subdomains.


3. Setup the sub domain as shown the below image,

wildcard subdomain cpanel

This will automatically create the necessary A record in the local DNS server. Note that this plugin won’t issue SSLs for wildcard subdomains whose DNS is not hosted locally!

Enabling & Run Auto SSL

First and foremost, for automatic SSL installation, we have the Auto SSL feature available in the cPanel/WHM. Including SSLs powered by Sectigo, you can install the SSLs powered by Let’s Encrypt. To install the Let’s Encrypt SSL functionality of Auto SSL, run the following command as root,


Next, to enable the Auto SSL go through the following steps,

1. First, login into WHM panel, or https://IP-address: 2087 or https://server-hostname: 2087.


2. Navigate to SSL/TLS → Auto SSL.

navigate to auto ssl whm panel

3. Select the SSL Provider Click on Save.

auto ssl lets encrypt ssl

4. Next, click on Run AutoSSL for All Users.

run auto ssl for all cpanel

Now, cPanel/WHM will install the SSL certificate from the selected SSL provider for the newly available domain name under your cPanel account.


Now that we’ve gone over how to install free Wildcard SSLs in the cPanel account. Once you configure, this functionality cPanel will try to install SSL for all the available domains under a specific cPanel account.

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