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How can I see a list of emails in exim’s queue from the command line?

Category: Getting Started
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If you already know how many emails are in the queue and want to see certain short information regarding each email in the queue, you can print a list of the emails currently queued by performing this command:

  exim -bp
If you have a lot of emails in the queue it may be hard to find the exact one you’re looking for! You may want to grep against the output for a certain string. (eg. # exim -bp |grep "frozen")

Check out this screen shot for an example:

Reviewing an example from that output:

  14m  1.5K 1XSY39-0001i8-7z <> *** frozen ***

Let’s break down each part of the output:

  • 14m‘ is the amount of time since it was originally attempted for delivery. ‘m’ standing for minutes, ‘h’ for hours, and ‘d’ for days.
  • 1.5K‘ is the size of the original message attempted for delivery. ‘K’ standing for Kilobytes.
  • 1XSY39-0001i8-7z‘ is the email ID for that specific delivery attempt. This is very useful and should be noted for further research (such as viewing the email header and body).
  • *** frozen ***‘ is the status of this particular email. Frozen obviously suggesting there’s something from preventing further delivery attempts.
  •‘ is the email address “TO” or delivery address for the email.