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How to reset your shared/reseller hosting password

Category: Shared/Reseller Hosting
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In this guide we will be explaining how you can reset the password for your cPanel shared or cPanel reseller accounts.

This process is relatively straight forward and doesn’t take long to do.

Step 1. Login to your KnownHost Client Portal (

You should see the login page like the screenshot below:

You’ll want to enter your username/email and the password assigned to your account.

If you have trouble logging in; please email – we are always happy to assist with regaining account access!

Step 2. Manage your service

Once you’re logged in, you will be brought to your services dashboard where it lists your client information that we have in store for you.

Under the ‘Services’ section – you should see your shared package type, the domain, the renewal period and then a ‘manage’ button.

You’ll want to click the ‘manage’ button.

Step 3. Get to the password screen.

This next area shows a break down of your package in a bit more detail.

Under the actions section; we want to click “Change Configurable Options”

Step 4. Change your password.

This should bring you to the “Change Password” screen for this cPanel account currently being managed.

Enter your new password, reconfirm your password and click “Update Password”

Your password should now be set to your new password and you should be able to login to your cPanel account again.

If you have any issues with this process, do let us know by contacting