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An open source enterprise class CMS. TYPO3 is designed for websites, intranets and applications for organizations of all sizes. Comes with your standard features for a CMS while being reliable and offering scalbility as your business or website grows.

Open source contact management system built where users can create an easily designed front-end to start their website presence. Provides a lot of built in features such as CSS framework, file manager, news/blog module, calendar, newsletter and more.

Fast, elegant, responsive. This is GRAV, a flexible file based application that is designed to be as simple as possible. GRAB provides markdown, taxonomy, backups/restores, media processing and an easy theming interface.

Designed as a lightweight and modular CMS, Pagekit was developed with modern technologies to give you then tools necessary to create your own amazing website. All handled by a simple, easy to use user interface.

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  • Patchman Optional
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  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Patchman Included
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More choices for great CMS Hosting Applications

Designed to be a lightweight blog system. Anchor is super simple to use with an simplistic interface to let you just jump right into blogging. Features markdown, dran-n-drop, theming and more.

An opensource content management framework, appRain is designed to providing a single platform of a CMS and Framework combined. Packed full of features to make work faster and contribute to the overall needs of user and developer.

An open source application designed to help you create your website, blog, or community. Atlantis provides a intuitive visual layout, snappy real-time editing and integrated SEO tools.

Web application built to help you make your blog a reality. Uses flat-files in JSOn format to store pages and posts. No database required. Bludit is as simplistic as it can get when it comes to blogging.

Content management tool that was designed to be as simple and straightforward while being quick, easy and fun all around. Uses modern open source libraries at its core, Bolt is best used to build sites in HTML5.

A php based CMS requiring no databases. Built to use a simplified file system to make ti easy to work with. CMSimple provides typical features such as multi-client ability, plugin manager, maintenance mode and more.

Designed to be a fast and easy way to create websites for small businesses or corporations. CMS Made Simple provides an application to create, manage and edit pages and their content with ease. Utilize table based layouts or full XHTML/CSS.

Flexible, advanced, simplistic CMS. Composr is designed for social, interactive and dynamic functionality required within a CMS. Plenty of features available from the get go, use Composr to start your website.

An opensource CMS, concrete5 is built for those who don't have technical skills but still want to create websites. Providing an easy to use interface, it allows users to modify content of their pages directly on the website.

Open source contact management system built where users can create an easily designed front-end to start their website presence. Provides a lot of built in features such as CSS framework, file manager, news/blog module, calendar, newsletter and more.

Built as an open source CMS, powered by CakePHP. Croogo is designed to provide an easier environment for building your own blog, node or webpage based on different content types. Provides taxonomy, WYSIWYG, comments, RSS feeds and more.

Manage all of your contnet and settings with CSZ CMS. An open source CMS built on Codeigniter and designed with Bootstrap. Allow your website to be fully responsive with little technical skill.

A different take on CMS, Directus is API-driven for custom databases. It allows you to optimize the structure and performance of your project for any scenario.

Using MySQL for content storage, e107 is a customizable CMS built to make creating your own website easy. Constantly under development, e107 now provides CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and more functionality for you.

Simple content management system designed to be an XML stand alone platform. Easy to use interface, loaded with all the features required for website creation.

Open source content management system designed to be user friendly allowing you to build, monitor and update your website with ease. Designed for beginners and professionals alike, Fork is great for those starting out.

Designed for managing dynamic content, Geeklog is a CMS that supports comments, trackbacks, multiple syndication formats, spam protection, and all the other vital features of such a system. Allows for plugins to expand and further the already extensive functionality.

A comprehensive and easy approach to CMS is Quick.CMS. Developed to enable you with the tools required to extend functionality and change the layout of your website with ease.

Built by the community, ImpressCMS is for building, maintaining and updating dynamic website content. Providing a secure and flexible system that provides the ideal tool for a wide range of users to accomplish what is needed in a CMS.

User friendly software providing tools for a user to easily manage their website content in an efficient manner. Shows how a website will look after the changes as it is being edited. Providing an interface so that all information can be handled directly at the website.

CMS with a different approach, allows you to bring your entire community to help create your websites content. Build an online community where everyone has their own identity with Jamroom.

Suite of libraries/modules that can be used with a website. Use jCore to provide your website with what it needs. No worries about having to update all of your websites if a bug fix is pushed.

Beautiful file-based CMS, flexible data structure, powerful template engine. Kirby makes it easy to develop efficient and responsive websites in no time. From portfolios, to blogs, to full-blown company sites, Kirby has all you need.

A different kind of CMS comes Koken. Designed for photographers, designers and artists. Providing simple theme controls, drafts, navigation builder and more, all allowing you to create the perfect media oriented website.

A different kind of website builder, Kopage offers powerful themes built-in that can be easily customized. SEO functions to make your website popular and a File Manager for those without FTP.

An easy to use CMS. LEPTON provides a simple backend with WYSIWG editors, multi language support and dile/media management.

Livesite offers a full CMS suite providing user, content, forms, contact and membership management. Use liveSite for your site design and create a custom responsive HTML design.

An open source display framework designed to be flexible. Mahara is a permissions framework that helps you build your e-portfolio.

A fully featured CMS, Mambo can help you make everything from simple websites to complex application. Used all over the world to power government portals, corporate intranets and extranets, ecommerce sites, nonprofit outreach, schools, church, and community sites.

A different kind of open source CMS. Microweber provides a drag and drop style to creating websites, online shops or blogs. This sort of customization is what allows Microweber to stand out from other CMS's.

Take control of your content with MODX. A open source application framework that helps make websites exactly as you'd like to make them. MODX provides a quick, efficient and fast way to build websites utilizing a template system.

Fast and small system, Monstra provides an API for plugins, themes and more to make developing a breeze. Multi-user, flexible and SEO friendly, Monstra is aimed at those who want a simplified way of creating content.

Based on Laravel framework comes October. A simple and modular open source CMS. Designed with an intuitive interface to be easy to use. Providing you the tools necessary for building your website or your application.

Create your business card with Open Business Card, a fast working application built on the Yii framework. Open Business Card is using the latest developments in programming to be ready-made so that you can place yourself on the world wide web.

Utilize Open Real Estate to create your own website. Providing an easy to use interface, social tools, variety of functions and addons. Open Real Estate is for those Real Estate agents who need a website.

Designed as a lightweight and modular CMS, Pagekit was developed with modern technologies to give you then tools necessary to create your own amazing website. All handled by a simple, easy to use user interface.

A CMS that uses XML as its driving force, there is no database here. Simply using XML files to store the content. Providing your typical features such as static pages, categories, tag management, archive and multiple users with different authorization levels.

A content management system designed to give you simpler and stronger control over your website. Providing fields, pages, templates and markups at any level. A completely different approach to your traditional CMS.

Check out phpwcms for a robust and simple web based content management system. Designed to be fast and easy, it's perfect for professional, public and private users. Easy to learn, flexible to use. Plenty of implemented features for all users.

Zend based framework, designed to be powerful, robust and easy to use for creating and managing digital content and assets. PImcore is a full-featured open source system for enterprise product information managing.

Open source content management system designed to be a free website builder for those with little to no technical skill.

An ultralight, flexible website builder. Redaxscript provides a fluid and elastic grid layout for designing websites built on being HTML5, CSS3, RSS2 and ATOM1 compliant.

Open source content management system utilizing MySQL for information storage and a extensive administration system for data management.

Content management system created with the idea that each user should be able to easily manager their own website. Aimed at novice developers for easy website creation.

A flat file content management system to give you the functionality you need to design your website. Add extensions for further functionality taking it farther. Everything from WYSIWYG editors to SEF URL was added as extra functionality.

Small and simple is Pluck. A CMS designed where you can easily manager your own website without the requirement of knowing any programming languages. Pluck works to make the website creation process easy to use.

An open source software developed for building, managing and updating websites. Has the common applications such as article list, blog, news with archive, forum and image gallery, packaged as content templates.

Lightweight, extendable, friendly, SCHLIX CMS. Designed to provide you with the features needed to publish websites or blogs all with a easy to use interface. Featuring multisite, versioning for easy backup and restore of articles, multi-site, XML sitemap for search engine submission.

Simple, powerful, modular, PyroCMS is built on Laravel to deliver a CMS that's so easy to use, it can be used by individuals and organizations from all over. Theme, develop, customize to your will to design your website.

An open source CMS to provide individuals and organizations with the ability to build websites, intranets and web applications. A modern architecture to keep innovation in line with developing technologies.

Drag and drop CMS creating a easy way for individuals to build websites with simplicity in mind. SiteCak provides static websites, few pages to reduce the complexity a little below WordPress. Simple enough for a designer to integrate it on their own, without a need to hire a developer.

A content management system with the idea that anyone can create stunning and captivating websites. Sitemagic CMS has a built-in designer that allows you to create professional layouts in minutes only using point and click techniques.

An open source enterprise class CMS. TYPO3 is designed for websites, intranets and applications for organizations of all sizes. Comes with your standard features for a CMS while being reliable and offering scalbility as your business or website grows.

Stand-alone content management system designed to be easy to use. Developed with features that include full source editing, per page permissions, user monitoring an more. Subrion is here to help create directory listing websites such as yellow pages, classifieds, etc.

CMS/Groupware offering a lot of features straight out of the box, more then any other open source application. Known to be overwhelming to even those experienced users. Developed with all the classi CMS and portal features, but including features not readily available anywhere else.

Flat-file CMS utilizing WYSIWYG. Typesetter is designed to be easy to use, fast and quick while maintaining your fully featured content management system. Designed to be used with all sorts of websites.

Open source software that is developed with integrable and customizable functionality. Providing your typical features of a CMS, but introducing the social aspects as well.

Content management system focused on security, user-friendly and SEO in mind all while being quick, responsive and efficient. WBCE CMS provides modules for your typical pages such as news/blog like pages, contact forms and includes useful admin tools.

Content management system designed with a single goal. Enabvle all users to produce websites with ease without being overbearing and complex. WebiteBaker performs this by being easy to use and providing multi-level, multi-sectioned, modulated page support.

A reincarnated CMS from Pligg and Kliqqi comes Plikli. A reinvented CMS designed to manage your website with ease. Providing all the standards of a CMS such as Submissions, Comments, Users accounts, Groups, Static pages, Categories, Error log, File and MySQL Backup!

Fully featured content management system designed to allow non-technical users to manage content with ease. Create all kinds of websites including blogs, image galleries, social networks, intranets, and more.

Dynamic web content management system designed to be object oriented. Services as a web framework for small, medium or large websites. Database driven, modular, personalized with user management.

An application toolkit designed as open source. Allows you to run websites and create applications. Focuses on easy usage, security, performance and flexibility as all tool kits should.

Marketing system designed for small/medium organizations. Use Zsite to build your marketing portal to perform all sorts of services such as publicization, business and customer service.

An open source CMS utilizing polymorphic content-schema system that alows it to support many types of services. Designed with a high sense of design for an easy going user experience, Roadiz has a theming system built to be independent from the back-end that allows for easy theming.

Flat file CMS designed to be fast and efficient. Open source for extended development, provides twig templates, mark down formatting and user-friendly interface for creating your website.

Content management system designed to be easy to use and create extensive websites with a community-driven support system for er addons, plugins and more. Plone aims to bhe powerful, flexible and for those non-technical users to create their own website or intranet.

An open source content management system, REDAXO is meant to be used with all sorts of websites of all sizes. Provides modules that allow you to quickly create content and place them on the website with ease. Features include management of multilingual websites, multimedia content and files, separation of content and layout with templates and easy installation.

Flat file CMS designed to be light and fast with no databases required. Open source and modular for developers to easily expand upon. Utilizing twig templating for easy themes.

Open source CMS built to be extensible to make and maintain better websites. BigTree is user friendly and developer ready for users of all kinds to jump in and get started.

An API driven CMS designed for those who need a flexible CMS. Supports multiple devices with a content UI designed for static site builders.

Open source CMS designed to be used with HTML/CSS to create CMS enabled websites in no time at all. Easily sued to create static websites to launch content quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular CMS systems?

WordPress tops the list with about 1/3 market share, followed by Joomla, Drupal and Magento, which combine for about 14% of the market.

Which of the popular CMS systems are free?

All of the most popular CMS systems are open source and can be freely installed with your KnownHost CMS hosting package, in just one click.

What if I don't want a cloud-based CMS?

Although the default installation for our CMS hosting is on our cloud architecture, we do have traditional VPS and dedicated servers available which aren't in the cloud. However you want to host your CMS is entirely in your hands, it's your own personal choice.

Are all CMS systems publicly accessible

The vast majority of people create a CMS (or install one on their hosting account) so that people around the web can access the information, making it publicly visible. However, you can use a CMS as an intranet, and only allow access by certain people, such as friends, a group, a company, etc....

Is adding new content easy?

The whole point of a Content Management System (CMS) is to easily publish and share information. Based on that, yes, you can indeed easily add new content, formatting it to be easy to read and pleasant to peruse.