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Softaculous describes itself as an "Auto Installer", to make it easier for cPanel users to install site software directly from the cPanel interface. You can learn more about Softaculous at their official website, with more detailed information about their cPanel plugin here. The official documentation for Softaculous can be found here.

In a new VPS, the free version of Softaculous should already be installed. If you would like to order a Premium license to unlock more advanced features, you can do so from the Billing Portal or by contacting the Billing Department directly via email or by opening a Ticket.1)


Several Softaculous settings can be set server-wide. These can be accessed via WHM at Home → Plugins → Softaculous Instant Installs. This first page shows some basic information about the current status of Softaculous in the server.

Commonly, it will be useful to go to Softaculous' left sidebar, to Settings → General, to adjust some of the settings here.

For example, it is strongly recommended to double-check that the "Admin Email Address" is set to an email address that can receive mail, so that the notifications Softaculous will send will be read. It is also important that the "From Email Address" be set to an email address that exists within the server, so that any SPF checks or similar that are run against the notification messages will pass. Make sure to click the "Edit Settings" button at the bottom of the section after making any changes.

It is also strongly recommended to check the "Backup Settings" to make sure there are not too many backups being retained. If as recommended automatic WHM backups are enabled, then it is probably not necessary to enable the Softaculous backups. But if you do still need to have the Softaculous backups enabled, please make sure few enough are being retained that the server will not run out of disk space. Make sure to click the "Edit Settings" button at the bottom of the section after making any changes.

Available Scripts

If you have the Premium version of Softaculous, you can choose which scripts are available to the cPanel users by going to "Software → General Scripts" in the left sidebar of Softaculous.

You can check if Softaculous is able to detect any missing requirements for any of the available scripts by going to "Software → Scripts Requirements" in the left sidebar of Softaculous. In servers using EasyApache 4 or CageFS, Softaculous might not be able to detect some of the php versions and/or modules even if they are present. If you need assistance checking what php versions and modules are installed, please feel free to open a Support Ticket. Note that if a script requires any End Of Life software2) it is not recommended to allow your users to install it.

cPanel-level Interface

Once Softaculous is installed, and if it is not disabled in the Feature Manager, the cPanel user can find Softaculous within the cPanel interface in one or more of two places:

  • in the section "Software", and/or
  • in its own section "Softaculous Apps Intaller"

In both of these places, the link will read "Softaculous Apps Installer".

After clicking this link, Softaculous will replace cPanel's left and top sidebars with its own. If you need to go back to the normal cPanel interface, you can click the "cP" button near the upper-right of the screen.

Softaculous's sidebar will show the script categories. Clicking on any of these categories will expand the list of scripts in that category. Note that if you have the free version installed, Premium-only scripts will still show in the list, but will not be installable.

Clicking on one of the scripts in the sidebar will show an Overview page in the main area of the page, with a brief summary of what the script does, and will have buttons near the top "Install", "Overview", "Features", "Screenshots", "Demo", "Ratings", "Reviews", and "Import". The "Demo" button is unlikely to work for scripts that are not available.

Install Guides

make sure when doing so to select the Billing Department. If that is not one of the available choices, please check if you have correctly logged in.
eg, old php versions no longer supported by php
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