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How to Enable Gravatars in WordPress Comments?

The use of avatars (small image representations that users pick to symbolize themselves) can add considerable personalization to a WordPress site, thereby increasing user engagement and enhancing the overall experience. One of the most popular ways of adding avatars to a WordPress site is in the comments section through the use of Gravatars.

Gravatars, in case you aren’t familiar with, are Globally Recognized Avatars, hence the G-R- Avatars… Gravatars. By using the same avatar, or Gravatar, across multiple sites, people will come to recognize you, providing you use the same email address - as it’s 1 image per 1 email address.

WordPress sites aren’t the only ones to use Gravatars. In fact, you can find them on github, DISQUS, stackoverflow, and many others. Reportedly nearly 9,000,000 Gravatar displays occur each day!

To enable Gravatars on WordPress comments, tick an option in the WordPress admin panel, using the below steps.

  Settings -> Discussion -> Avatars -> Avatar Display:

To enable Gravatars, tick the box: Show Avatars To disable Gravatars, just untick the box. Then scroll down and click Save Changes.

How to Use Gravatars on WordPress Comments?

You’ll need to visit the Gravatar website, signup, upload an image and have it associated with your email address.

Then, whenever you make comments on WordPress sites, remember to use that same email address. If Gravatars are enabled, whenever you make a comment, your avatar will appear next to your details, together with the comment you’ve made.

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