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 ====== SMTP Error 530 ====== ====== SMTP Error 530 ======
-Description: ​530530530530530530530530+Description: ​<​blockquote>​Normally,​ an authentication problem. But sometimes it's about the recipient'​s server blacklisting yours, or an invalid email address.</​blockquote>​
 ==== What does this mean? ==== ==== What does this mean? ====
-<​!AWESOME MEANING!>​+The specific error you receive should state the exact problem, but it may mean any of the following:​ 
 +  * Invalid authentication. (//Wrong password//​) 
 +  * Blacklisted/​Blocked IP Address 
 +  * Invalid recipient email address.
 ==== How to fix SMTP Error 530 ==== ==== How to fix SMTP Error 530 ====
-<​!AWESOME FIX!> +As in almost every '​fix',​ you'll want to ensure the email address is correct and properly spelled. Once confirming, ensure that your email user is properly authenticating (login and password). Then, make sure that your IP address is not blacklisted.
- +
- +
-=== Similar SMTP Errors === +
-**[[email:​troubleshooting:​error-numbers:​530|#​ 530]]** +
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