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How to Fix Blocked as Suspected Bot Error On WordPress Comments?

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Under certain circumstances, visitors may be trying to comment on a post of yours and receiving an error, “blocked as suspected bot error”.

The first port of call might be to suspect that those visitors are on the blocked list / blacklist within WP-Admin or that their IP addresses are somehow on the bad lists of other anti-spam databases. While being on those lists can have an impact on their ability to do things, they won’t result in the blocked as the suspected bot error message that they’re reporting.

Unfortunately, some hosts have deployed pre-installed plugins on WordPress sites they host which results in this behavior. Rather than name and shame a list of hosts…. If you are receiving reports from users that are getting this error message, check your list of plugins and see if there’s one called Mojo Marketplace. Odds are, disabling this plugin will result in the error clearing up.

Instead of deleting this plugin, consider upgrading it. Oftentimes it’s a case of older plugins clashing with newer ones and giving this error.

Jetpack is powerful. It has loads of features, many of which you either don’t want, won’t need, or will want to modify to fit your objectives perfectly.

One such feature is the Carousel, which is a lovely way of handling multiple images. However, it may be the case that you want Carousel without comments appearing.

There are two primary methods of disabling Carousel comments:

  1. Editing the plugin behavior by editing the code behind the scenes
  2. Editing the CSS surrounding Carousel behavior

There are some drawbacks with option 1, namely updates to the plugin may nuke the changes you’ve made, rendering the behavior to either no longer be present, or no longer behave as intended.

Following the Customizer guide on adding CSS to perform other functions, go to:

  Appearance -> Customize

Then scroll down to Additional CSS.

To stop comments on Jetpack carousel, insert this code in the box:

  /* Jetpack: Carousel
  ****************************************** /
  /* Hide Comment Form & Link */#jp-carousel-comment-form-container, /* Form */, /* Link */
  #jp-carousel-comments-loading /* Loading Comments text */ {
      display: none !important;
  /* Remove Padding from Link Area */
  .jp-carousel-buttons {
      padding: 0 !important;

The above code is thanks to WPSmackdown:

Note: If this fails to work, it could be that your theme has different CSS classes for that section. You may need to inspect element on that section of the page to find the class, then substitute it for the carousel div or a portion above.


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