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What WordPress theme am I currently using?

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If you’re running WordPress and are unsure of what theme you’ve got running at the moment, checking the theme can be done within the WordPress Admin panel.

Here’s the step by step process for checking your WordPress theme:

  1. Login to Admin area
  2. Click Appearance
  3. Click Theme
  4. Look for the word Active
  5. Next to it will be the name of the theme you’ve got active

The currently active theme will be highlighted to the top left of the row of themes available via your WordPress installation.

How to find my WordPress theme version number?

If you’re wanting to check compatibility lists or verify your installation is up to date with the most current version, there are times you’ll want to quickly check the theme version you’re running currently.

To check your theme version number:

  1. Follow the 5 steps above for checking what theme is active
  2. Mouse over the active theme until Theme Details appears as a clickable box / link
  3. Click Theme Details
  4. Look on the right pane for the theme name followed by version number

Note: It’s just above the theme author link and details of the text.


Now that we’ve gone over how to check the WordPress Theme you are currently using.

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