The Most Reliable Web Hosting Applications Offered

Analytics is the tracking of user data on your websites. It allows you to place Javascript, PHP or REST based API on your websites to pull the data that you need. Some analytic example software would be Open Web Analytics and Matomo.

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A blog is a platform in which a user can voice themselves through daily posts across many different subjects. Typically used for personal websites or informational websites. A blog can be setup with a software available such as Serendipity, or Dotclear.

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Calendars can be used for scheduling, planning and tracking dates. These calendars are capable being configured in single-user or multi-user mode. This allows for them to be used for different purposes such as home or small businesses. Example software available is WebCalendar, Booked or LuxCal.

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Content Management Systems can be used for a multitude of scenarios. They can enable you to build websites or applications allowing for ease-of-use along with a broad range of features such as workflow, discussion, news aggregation. Example software available is Drupal, Joomla, Conrete5 and more!

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Customer relationship management is used to manage interactions with your customers and potential customers while building relationships. Software such as this can assist with marketing, sales and your general customer service. Example software available is Vtiger, YetiForce, or SugarCRM.

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Photo or Image Galleries can be used to host pictures for photograph, real estate, wallpapers, art or other related images. Software allows you to handle photo management with ease regardless of the size of the website or community. Example software available is Piwigo, Coppermine, or Zenphoto.

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Shopping carts are used to provide online businesses with the ability to sell products with ease. They provide catalogs of products across different categories to ensure that you are able to provide a wide array of products. Example software available is AbanteCart and OpenCart.

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Enterprise resource planning is software that helps with the business process management of an organization. It uses integrated applications to help automate and assist back office functions in relation to technology or human resources. Example software available is Zdoo, WebERP or Group Office.

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A wiki is generally used for informational archiving. Wiki’s can be used to create informational websites across different categories such as developer teams or work groups. They’re designed for general use with ease in structuring data. Example software available is Dokuwiki and PmWiki.

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This is a powerful wiki software that is designed to handle high traffic informational websites. It’s intended to be feature-rich which uses PHP to process data and uses MySQL for databases.

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E-commerce software is used as the driving engine behind online stores. It allows for the ease of management for inventory, calculating taxes of your products, removing/adding products and everything else as necessary to manage a website and handle your customers orders. Example software is WHMCS or Blesta.

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Guestbooks are used to allow users to leave feedback or just to say “hello!” when visiting your website. They provide feature rich uses such as templates, notifications, picture uploads and more! Example software available is Advanced Guestbook or Lazarus.

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Social networking is a big deal in this day and age. These applications are used to create communities among like-minded people to reach out and spread information or just to keep in touch with those familiar. Example software available is Dolphin, Oxwall and Jcow.

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Forums are used to create vast community presences. Usually focused around a single subject to create and incite conversation. These are community hubs that allow people to gather and discuss similar topics based around the forums subject. Example software is Xenforo, phpBB, vbulletin.

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Polls are used to gather data from what people like, feel or currently want. They can be used to gain a general idea of what direction a users marketing should take. Example software available is Advanced Poll or Lime Survey.

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WordPress is the most popular Blog/CMS out there. It can be used in many different fashions. You can create a website, a feature-rich website or just a simple personal website with blogging capabilities. Thousands of themes and plugins at your disposal to create your desired platform to reach your target audience.

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Great Reasons for Choosing KnownHost

Our application hosting is built upon a fully managed cloud infrastructure that includes premium hardware, premium networking, USA experts handling support and server management - all with the best uptime in the industry!


Our application hosting is cloud-based and starts at just $3.47 per month for shared (1 domains) or $9.97 per month for unlimited.


Over 400 different popular packages can be installed with just one click via the freely included Softaculous.


For over 13 years KnownHost has consistently provided outstanding service and an uptime that other hosts just dream about.


Free backups are included with every package and are stored off-server, just in case, as restorable snapshots.


We're so sure you'll be pleased, we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.


Premium hardware, network, and all-SSD RAID drives, with LightSpeed and LSCache running on top - is blazing fast.


In addition to optimizing and hardening the cloud server install, we preinstall Imunify360 security software.

Time Savings

We'll migrate you from your old provider - at no extra cost - with a minimum of downtime, hands-free.

Why Choose KnownHost Application Hosting

KnownHost offers a premium service at a high-value price point, giving you great application hosting without breaking the bank.

On-Shore Support 24x7x365

Our goal is to provide single point of contact resolution to any issues, rapid first responses, and no finger pointing or unresolved issues to leave you hanging.

All Services are Fully Managed

Our application hosting services are 100% fully managed, giving you peace of mind, knowing we're available to take care of the administrative overhead and technical server matters.

Get Free DDoS Protection

Our complementary DDoS protection helps to protect your app hosting from threat of common attack vectors, keeping your site online - all the time.

All Services Include Free Backups

Off-server snapshot backups are regularly created, giving you the ability to roll-back, or restore, your system, with a single click.

All services include Free Migrations

Our team of qualified support staff will help you migrate your site 24/7/365 at no extra cost to you often times with 0 downtime! There's no reason not to make the switch today!

Try us out risk free! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all Application Hosting services!


Our application hosting plans are complete - giving you an extensive list of included features that others would charge extra.


The most popular control panel of all time - cPanel is included at no additional charge to help you managed your application hosting instance.


We automatically create snapshot backups of your entire system, then transport them securely to an off-server location, ready to redeploy at a moment's notice.

SECURITY - Imunify360

Imunify360 is an automated security solution that helps protect your website from attacks, malware and more. It's a great bit of kit - at no extra cost.


The first line of protection for any website or application is an SSL cert. We include an SSL cert with every application hosting account - no charge.

PERFORMANCE - LiteSpeed + LSCache

You can't go wrong with LiteSpeed & LSCache - especially if you want maximum performance for your web app. Again, it's included for free.

CONVENIENCE - Softaculous

The competition often charges extra for Softaculous - and its 400 1-click apps are very convenient. We include it for free with your app hosting.

CONVENIENCE - Migrations

Moving web hosts doesn't have to be painful, or costly. We'll migrate you free of charge and with a minimum of service interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many applications can be hosted?

It's all down to how many you want, and how much resources they demand. Heavy users will want to move up to virtual private servers for their larger or more complex projects.

Does the uptime guarantee apply to app hosting?

Definitely. We average better than 99.99% uptime across all servers, for all time segments. Great effort goes in to keeping you online 100% of the time.

Are your application hosting plans DDoS protected?

Yes, up to 500 gbit/s of DDoS protection is included at no additional cost. It's enough to stop 99.9% of all DDoS attempted attacks.

Will I get SSH access?

Certainly. You'll be able to login and manage your app hosting via SSH AND SFTP.

Is it difficult to upgrade to a VPS when I need more resources?

No - it's totally painless. In fact, for most cases we're able to migrate you with zero downtime.

What if I change my mind?

If you have an issue, bring it to our attention and we'll fix it. If you're still not happy, just ask for a refund. We offer 30 day 100% money back guarantees on our app hosting plans.