Fully Managed, Cutting Edge Technology
KnownHost's Managed SSD VPS packages are based on cutting edge pure SSD drives. There are no short cuts here with SSD caching as these SSD VPS"s are the real deal. Enterprise grade hardware with nothing but the best SSD drives for optimal performance. You can start with a small SSD VPS and upgrade as needed with no IP change or data migration so things are kept easy and affordable for you.
  • 24/7 Fully Managed Support
  • Best Uptime in the Industry! (proof)
  • 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  • Complementary DDOS Protection
  • Free Backups & Free Migrations
  • Instant Setup
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Managed SSD VPS Hosting Packages

Our managed SSD VPS packages are affordable and a cost-effective solution for those who want the benefits of a managed VPS and the super-fast speed of SSD drives. Our SSD VPS packages have all the advantages of VPS hosting packages with the additional performance of solid state drives. All SSD VPS packages now include DDOS protection at no additional charge!
  • 24+ CPU Cores Equal Share
  • Guaranteed RAM 1.5 GB
  • RAID-10 SSD Storage 25 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth 5000 GB
  • $35 PER MONTH
  • $35.00 MONTHLY
  • $102.00 QUARTERLY
  • $399.00 YEARLY
  • 24+ CPU Cores Equal Share
  • Guaranteed RAM 2.75 GB
  • RAID-10 SSD Storage 50 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth 6000 GB
  • $50 PER MONTH
  • $50.00 MONTHLY
  • $147.00 QUARTERLY
  • $570.00 YEARLY
  • 24+ CPU Cores Equal Share
  • Guaranteed RAM 4.25 GB
  • RAID-10 SSD Storage 70 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth 9000 GB
  • $70 PER MONTH
  • $70.00 MONTHLY
  • $205.00 QUARTERLY
  • $798.00 YEARLY
  • 24+ CPU Cores Equal Share
  • Guaranteed RAM 5.75 GB
  • RAID-10 SSD Storage 90 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth 11000 GB
  • $90 PER MONTH
  • $90.00 MONTHLY
  • $264.00 QUARTERLY
  • $1026.00 YEARLY
  • 24+ CPU Cores Equal Share
  • Guaranteed RAM 7 GB
  • RAID-10 SSD Storage 110 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth 13000 GB
  • $110 PER MONTH
  • $110.00 MONTHLY
  • $322.00 QUARTERLY
  • $1254.00 YEARLY
  • 2 IP Addresses included with every VPS.
  • Unlimited Domains can be hosted in every server.
  • Free Backups for data recovery.
  • Fully Managed 24/7/365 Support.
  • Full Root Access is provided for complete control.
  • 1-click Installers are available for easy setup.
4 World-Class Locations
You can choose the location of your server among our top-tier datacenters, located around the world, to optimize speed and delivery to your audience.
  • Seattle, WA.
  • Dallas, TX.
  • Baltimore, MD.
  • Amsterdam, NL.
Managed SSD Special
For a limited time only we're offering our exclusive promotion. Please use the KNOWNSSD10 coupon for a 10% lifetime discount on all of our SSD packages. Yes, if you start with the SSD-1 and later decide to upgrade the 10% lifetime discount remains so in turn your discount increases. You can even add 1 GB of RAM or in smaller increments to each VPS and the discount applies. NEW A LA CARTE RAM and DISK SPACE UPGRADE PRICING TOO!!!!
Interested in purchasing multiple servers at discounted rates? Check out our white-label VIP Reseller Program! RESELLER PROGRAM
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
We offer 2 different control panels for your Managed VPS . cPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin for $5/mo each . or you can order your VPS with no control panel and install whatever you prefer!
99.996% Proven Uptime Record
All SSD powered VPS Servers are available in our four world-class datacenter facilities offering premium bandwidth, experience, speed, and reliability at its best.
Easily Scalable Without Service Interruptions
Should you ever need more resources for your managed SSD VPS, we can satisfy your request without any downtime. No need to change your settings or do any migration of files or databases. We give you more power on the fly without affecting your settings.
Pure SSD Drives for Optimal Performance
We build our SSD VPSs with some of the best solid state drives on the market. Solid state drives have one major benefit over traditional mechanical drives: low latency due to no moving parts. Optimal performance without a big price tag.
You Are In Control
Whether its command line or control panel, you can choose how you want to manage your server. Our managed SSD VPS packages provide you with 2 different control panel choices but you can still install whatever software you want because you are in control!
24/7 Customer Support
We know how important is to get assistance when you need it, that's why our qualified personnel is here to help you 24 hours a day. We are proud about our support services and we do our best to keep our customer happy.
Best Prices, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We offer the best web hosting solutions at affordable prices to cover all your hosting needs. We are confident about our products and services and that's why we offer our new customers a 30 money back guarantee.
Custom Built, State-of-the-art Technology
We care about performance and we want to keep our promises. At knownhost we custom build our Managed SSD VPS using the best hardware components on the market so that we can offer you top performing and stable servers.
All of our VPS's come with:
  • Hosting in our four world-class datacenters, offering premium bandwidth, experience, speed, and reliability at its best.
  • Custom built RAID for redundancy and (of course) high performance.
  • Fully managed support (for VPSs with a control panel added) available 24/7/365 so you have peace of mind with your online presence.
  • White labeled VPS standard. This separates KnownHost from the rest of the industry. You can brand your VPS and there will be no mention of KnownHost.
  • Free full image backups offered with all VPS's for disaster recovery.
  • Affordable, enterprise VPS hosting backed by industry veterans, giving you the advantage needed to succeed with your websites/servers.
  • Sleep at night with worry-free Managed VPS Hosting.
Why should you choose KnownHost?
  • Free and fast setup!
  • Free Migration Service.
  • Unlimited Domains.
  • 2 dedicated IP addresses.
  • Equal Share CPU.
  • CentOS Operating System.
  • Seamless upgrades from VPS to VPS.
  • Fully Optimized & Secured.
  • Fully Managed support. *
  • Free Backups.
  • Private nameservers.
  • 99.9% network uptime guarantee.
  • DDOS Protection Included
  • Root access / SSH.
  • Free 3rd party installations.
Need more? Check out the available Add-Ons! Enhance your server with the hardware and software addons and upgrades.
Resource Upgrades
  • 256 MB extra RAM
    $6.40 /MO
  • 512 MB extra RAM
    $12.80 /MO
  • 1024 MB extra RAM
    $25.60 /MO
  • 10 GB extra SSD
    $20.00 /MO
  • 20 GB extra SSD
    $40.00 /MO
  • 30 GB extra SSD
    $60.00 /MO
  • 250 GB extra bandwidth
    $10.00 /MO
  • 500 GB extra bandwidth
    $15.00 /MO
  • 1000 GB extra bandwidth
    $20.50 /MO
  • Bandwidth Overage
    $0.20 /GB
  • Additional IP addresses
    $1 /IP
Software Upgrades
  • cPanel/WHM unlimited
    $5.00 /MO
  • DirectAdmin unlimited
    $5.00 /MO
  • Blesta Billing Software
    $5.00 /MO
  • WHMCS Billing Software
    $5.00 /MO
  • Softaculous
    $1.00 /MO
  • LiteSpeed < 2.5 GB RAM
    $12.00 /MO
  • LiteSpeed > 2.5 GB RAM
    $20.00 /MO
  • RVSkin
    $2.00 /MO
  • RVSiteBuilder
    $5.00 /MO

All upgrades and addons can be added or removed from by simply emailing our sales team. No downtime is involved during any upgrade process. The only requirement is the addon must remain on your account for the minimum of 30 days.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, all our hosting packages excluding Dedicated Servers include a 30 day money back guarantee. Only new customers are eligible for our 30 day money back guarantee. If the TOS/AUP agreed upon when ordering is violated this also makes you ineligible for the 30 day money back guarantee. We also reserve the right to not accept a refund request on a case by case basis if we feel our services were abused and/or taken advantage of.

  • Do you have an uptime guarantee?

    Yes, we offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee back by our SLA.

  • How long does it take for my account to be activated?

    VPSs are provisioned immediately upon successful payment and automated fraud check completion.* The system may take up to 5 minutes to deploy your VPS and send the welcome email.
    Dedicated servers are generally delivered in 12-24 hours.

    * Orders failing automated fraud checks will be subjected to manual order review by our staff and will cause your order to be delayed.

  • What type of payments do you accept?

    We accept credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as well as Pay Pal. On a per customer basis we will accept checks.

  • Will you migrate my hosting account/websites from another provider?

    Yes, as long as your are using the same control panel. Please follow the normal order procedure. Once you receive the welcome email please submit a support ticket through our support portal.

  • Do I need my own domain name when signing up for a hosting package?

    Yes, in order to purchase a hosting package you will need your own domain.

  • Can you register domain names for me?

    No, we do not offer domain registration of transfer services at this time.

  • What’s covered under managed services?

    To learn more about what's covered under our managed support, please see our Support Coverage.

  • How do I submit a ticket?

    We give you the option of submitting a ticket by simply sending us an email which can be tracked and monitored via our helpdesk. You can also submit a ticket through your billing login.

  • Do you offer managed VPSs and Dedicated Servers?

    Yes we do offer Fully Managed VPSs, SSD VPSs, and Dedicated Servers. For more detailed information please visit our Managed Support page.

  • Can I upgrade my account at a later time?

    Yes, you can upgrade your account at anytime. Please email us at [email protected] with your customer ID and we will take care of your request. Please note: once your plan is upgraded you can not request a downgrade of the same plan for at least one month.

  • Where are your servers located?

    We utilize TierPoint's facilities in Dallas, TX; Baltimore, MD; and Seattle, WA. For more detailed information please visit our Network page.

  • Can I host adult, warez or illicit sites or content?

    No, please see our AUP for permissible and non-permissible content.

  • Do your prices include VAT / Tax?

    Our prices do not include VAT. If you are required to submit this tax, please follow your normal procedure.

  • How will I receive my login details?

    You will receive your login details via email.

  • Is there any downtime if I upgrade my VPS?

    No, upgrades are seamless and involve zero downtime.

  • When are my renewal invoices issued/due?

    Invoices are generated 10 days before their respective due date.

Your online presence is in
safe hands with us!
With our 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee, you can give us a try and decide for yourself!
Managed VPS Packages
Features VPS-1 VPS-2 VPS-3 VPS-4 VPS-5 VPS-6 VPS-7
16+ CPUs Equal Share Equal Share Equal Share Equal Share Equal Share Equal Share Equal Share
Guaranteed RAM 1GB 2.25GB 3GB 3.75GB 4.75GB 6.25GB 8GB
Disk Space 25GB 75GB 85GB 105GB 125GB 155GB 180GB
Bandwidth 3000GB 6000GB 9000GB 11000GB 13000GB 15000GB 17000GB
IP addresses 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
cPanel/DirectAdmin $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5
Monthly Cost $25 $35 $45 $60 $75 $95 $120
Quarterly Cost $73.50 $102 $131.50 $175 $215 $275 $350
Yearly Cost $285 $400 $510 $685 $855 $1080 $1365
Order Order Order Order Order Order Order
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Managed Solid State Disk (SSD) VPS Packages
Features SSD-1 SSD-2 SSD-3 SSD-4 SSD-5
24+ CPU Cores (2.2Ghz+) Equal Share Equal Share Equal Share Equal Share Equal Share
Guaranteed RAM 1.5GB 2.75GB 4.25GB 5.75GB 7GB
SSD Storage 25GB 50GB 70GB 90GB 110GB
Bandwidth 5000GB 6000GB 9000GB 11000GB 13000GB
IP addresses 2 2 2 2 2
Full Root Access YES YES YES YES YES
cPanel/DirectAdmin $5 $5 $5 $5 $5
Monthly Cost $35 $50 $70 $90 $110
Quarterly Cost $102 $147 $205 $264 $322
Yearly Cost $399 $570 $798 $1026 $1254
Order Order Order Order Order
See all details about our packages here.
Managed Dedicated Servers
Features KH-DS1 KH-DS2 KH-DS3 KH-DS4
CPU Model Intel i7-4770 Intel Xeon E3-1270v2 Dual Intel E5-2430v2 Dual Intel E5-2620v3
CPU Cores/Ghz 4 x 3.4Ghz 4 x 3.5Ghz 12 x 2.5Ghz 12 x 2.4Ghz
HDD1 750GB 1TB 1TB 120GB SSD
HDD2 750GB 1TB 1TB 1TB
Bandwidth 11000GB 16000GB 21000GB 26000GB
IP addresses 8 8 8 8
Full Root Access YES YES YES YES
Monthly Cost $179 $239 $329 $379
Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now
See all details about our packages here.