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Full management, the best support in the business and 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

Dedicated Server



per month


  • Intel i7-6700 CPU
  • 4x3.4GHz 8MB Cache
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM, Max 64GB
  • 6,000 GB Data Transfer
  • on 100 Mbps Port
  • 256GB SSD + 1TB SATA Storage
  • Max 2 Drives - no HW RAID
  • cPanel & WHM Control Panel
  • Central (TX) Datacenter Location
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Dedicated Server



per month


  • Xeon E3-1270v5 CPU
  • 4x3.6GHz 8MB Cache
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM, Max 64GB
  • 6,000 GB Data Transfer
  • on 100 Mbps Port
  • 256GB SSD + 1TB SATA Storage
  • Max 4 Drives - HW RAID OPTIONAL
  • cPanel & WHM Control Panel
  • Central (TX) Datacenter Location
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Dedicated Server



per month


  • 2x Xeon E5-2430v2 CPU
  • 12x2.5GHz 15MB Cache
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM, Max 96GB
  • 8,000 GB Data Transfer
  • on 1 Gbps Port
  • 256GB SSD + 1TB SATA Storage
  • Max 4 Drives - HW RAID OPTIONAL
  • cPanel & WHM Control Panel
  • Central (TX) Datacenter Location
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Dedicated Server



per month

+ $129 SETUP FEE

  • 2x Xeon E5-2620v3 CPU
  • 12x2.5GHz 15MB Cache
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM, Max 192GB
  • 12,000 GB Data Transfer
  • on 1 Gbps Port
  • 256GB SSD + 1TB SATA Storage
  • Max 4 Drives - HW RAID OPTIONAL
  • cPanel & WHM Control Panel
  • Central (TX) Datacenter Location
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managed support 24/7 Fully Managed Support

Our USA-based server admin team are on-hand 24x7x365 to make sure things are configured, coordinated, installed, maintained and deployed for your success. You won't find better support & management anywhere, ever.

Uptime Best Uptime on the Planet

For over a decade KnownHost managed dedicated server hosting has consistently outperformed our competitors when it comes to reliability. We average better than 99.99% uptime across every server in our global portfolio.

DDOS Protection cPanel & WHM Standard

Making your hosting life simpler and easier is a big part of what we do - which is why we've included cPanel and WHM as a standard part of installs. If you'd rather have a different panel, or none at all - just say the word, it's no problem.

Our Dedicated Server Hosting comes with:

drive icon

Upgrades for custom storage configurations.

We can set up custom storage configurations including varying SSD and SATA drives, both hardware and software RAID configurations depending on your storage requirements.

backup icon

External backup space to keep your data safe.

We are now offering external storage packages to provide an additional level of backups for your dedicated server! Available starting for as little as $10/month for 100gb of storage space!

managed icon

Fully managed expert support 24/7/365 - the best.

Alabama (USA) based expert support and server management teams with rapid initial support response are like an extended part of your company - we're here to help.

office icon

Enterprise-grade hosting gives your business an edge.

If you're a geek, we're sorry, but we know you won't be able to avoid drooling when looking at the high-end components we used to create your server - it's a cutting edge tech dream.

ip icon

We're IPv6 and so are you.

Need multiple IPV4 or IPv6 addresses are available for your dedicated hosting. At the time of ordering your server, just specify what you want/need and we'll make it happen.

migration icon

Softaculous comes included as standard.

Putting more than 400 packages at your fingertips just 1-click away from installation is a great way to save time and money - it comes in the form of Softaculous - included with your install.

KnownHost's Dedicated Servers are all custom built, secured and hardened, and fully optimized before being delivered to you for your dedicated server hosting needs!

This is what we deliver:

  • High Performance Processors
  • DDR4 ECC Registered RAM
  • SATA + SSD Storage
  • Hardware Raid Available
  • 100Mbps / 1Gbps Full Duplex Port

+ 24/7/365 support provided by professionals!

+ Fully managed service with full root access!

& >99.99% Uptime: Best in the industry!

feature icon 1 Upgrade and Customize

Every dedicated server install is custom-built to fit the client needs. If you want just about anything other than french toast, our Sales Department at will help put together a custom price and plan to suit. Make sure it's got cPanel, and we'll make sure it's fully managed for no added charge.

feature icon 2 LiteSpeed Ready

If you're wanting to boost performance on any of our dedicated server hosting plans, LiteSpeed + LSCache is the way to go. Just pick them at sign-up and we'll build your server with both preconfigured for enhanced performance that'll set you apart from the competition. It's great for the user experience as well as SEO rankings improvements.

feature icon 3 Save Up To 15% More

The more you buy the more you save! Gain 5%, 10% or even 15% off your order (excluding IP addresses or 3rd party software licenses) by selecting Quarterly, SemiAnnually or Annual billing terms during the signup process.

Other Options?

We have dedicated server plans for any business size or need, plus SSL certificates and much more!

reseller icon

Reseller Hosting ›

Cloud-based high-performance reseller hosting plans at a great price.

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Managed VPS ›

Fast, traditional, SSD-based virtual private servers sure to please.

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Shared Hosting ›

Dedicated resources with full root access and unlimited domains hosted

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Domain Registration ›

Register your domain with KnownHost and receive FREE domain WHOIS privacy!

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All plans include full USA-based management and feature 99.99+% uptime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For $12 per month, CloudLinux can be installed as your base operating system. It'll give amazing granularity of control resources, ideal if you're using cPanel and want each account to have strictly controlled resources, fully isolated from one another.

Kernel updates can come frequently and cause downtime - unless you have KernelCare. The beauty of this $2.95 per month add-on is that it makes kernel updates as live patches, eliminating the need for server reboots and downtime. This is one slick bit of software and one that I would never want to be without where any business is depending on being available online 24x7.

While it has been around for ages, we've grown up with WHMCS as the only billing option for those times when we're setting up sub-accounts with billing on our servers (making each server its own hosting company in a box). However, Blesta is now on the scene and giving WHMCS a run for its money. We can't say which you'll love most, but you now have a choice and can get either installed on your dedicated server hosting.

DDoS protection is included standard, and free. In addition, we include firewall, rDNS setup and preconfigure common services and sensitive ports to be secured. Want even more? Check out our selection of Comodo cWatch security software that goes way beyond the basics.

Put LiteSpeed on your server for a start. Then add one of our 3 flavors of LiteMage which is designed to take your Magento online ecommerce installation into hyperspace. The performance gains are simply outrageous - we can't recommend this highly enough - it's that much of a game changing performance addition.

We start you off with 8 IP's which is enough to get most companies started. However, if you need more, we make them available at the time of ordering, in blocks of 8, for just $1 per additional IP address.

We offer a number of flexible backup system options starting with 100GB of storage at $10/month (discounted for longer terms), then in other size increments such as 250GB, 500GB, 750GB or 1TB. This isn't some cheap and cheerful storage where you wonder if the files are really there or could be restored, but rather high availability, ultra high-speed, mission critical storage that you can can't on for your backups.

You can prepay for a longer term, instead of just month to month. Signing up for a 1-year term can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

You can even become an affiliate and refer others to us. Some of our affiliates make thousands of dollars each month AND get their hosting free, because they refer customers our direction.

With any dedicated server we have the capacity for using 1 GBPS Ports. For just $15 a month, we're able to upgrade your network port so that you go from 100mbit to 1gbit speeds, just like that - no problem.

RAM is available in 8GB blocks, and typically is charged at $15 per 8GB of additional RAM.

Our default configuration is to use an SSD drive for loading the operating system files. However, you can get substantially larger storage amounts by specifying SATA instead. Larger drives are available for an extra $40 per month for additional 256GB blocks of SSD.

High end dedicated servers have hardware RAID available, though all plans can make use of software RAID with the right combinations of drives. All dedicated servers can get additional drives, RAID and other customizations - just speak to the sale team and they'll sort things out perfectly!


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