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4 Pillars of Shared Hosting Success

Updated February 12, 2018


There are 4 key requirements of successful shared hosting – without them, you put your website, and your business at risk of failure.  Read on to find out what are the 4 pillars of shared hosting success, and learn about the new shared cloud hosting offered by KnownHost.


4 Pillars of Success [FIRM]


The 4 pillars of shared hosting success follow the acronym FIRM which stands for:

  • Features
  • Isolation
  • Resources
  • Management


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The best features of shared hosting


There are a lot of choices out there in the market for shared hosting – and many of them don’t include the basic features you’d want or need.  In fact, most charge you extra for basics like backups, firewalls, control panels or one click installers.


At KnownHost, we understand that you’ll want all the whistles and bells, without spending extra.  That’s why we’ve bundled them into our basic $3.47 and $6.47 per month packages!


You get cPanel control panel.  You get LiteSpeed with LSCache.  You get Free SSL certificates.  You get Softaculous one click installer with 400 ready to go scripts.  You get Imunify360 security.  Free backups?  Yes, they’re included.  Free migrations?  Of course, they’re included too.  We believe we provide the best shared hosting in the business but if you find something we’ve left out – just let us know!


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One of the biggest weaknesses of most shared hosting is the fact that resources are pooled and shared amongst all the client accounts on the server.  If one goes wild and takes all the bandwidth or disk I/O, the others suffer.  This is the problem of isolation – or lack thereof.


KnownHost have taken over a year to design the perfect Shared Cloud Hosting – and a key component of that solution is the perfect isolation of client accounts.  There’s no way that one account will interfere with the resources of another!


If you’re on shared hosting currently – it’s time you checked with your provider to find out how they’re ensuring you’re protected against the resource-suckers who share the server with you!  If they aren’t using Cloud Linux and LiteSpeed – they probably haven’t even thought about how to keep you protected against the gaffs of others!


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The easiest way for cheap hosting companies to make a buck is to give less than the minimum necessary resources, as standard, then charge extra to forcibly upgrade someone until they get the resources they need.  This is NOT how things work at KnownHost.


Even the $3.47 plan at KnownHost include 5GB of storage with 5 domains and unlimited emails – more than enough for 5 decent sized small business websites.  If yours are bigger than this – consider the $6.47 plan or even a VPS.  Remember, the $6.47 plan includes unlimited domains, emails and storage (within AUP limits of course – just to prevent crazy buyers trying to host sites the size of Wikipedia on a plan for under $10 a month).



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Anyone can offer unmanaged shared hosting.  In fact, more companies offer this than any other hosting option, period.  Unfortunately for business owners – management is one of those things they need more than any other hosting option, period.


Make the Switch Today over to Managed WordPress Hosting with


24/7/365 support is one thing.  It’s necessary.  It’s a must.  You just have to have support when you need it.


Fully managed hosting is something you don’t know you need until you need it – like health insurance or a spare tire.  At KnownHost, we pride ourselves on everything we include with our managed hosting options, even when that hosting costs just $3.47 per month.


As a small business owner, you have plenty of things in the day to keep you busy – to keep your mind occupied – and to worry about, without having hosting being one of those things.  Leave the worries to the experts – and get a managed hosting package – you deserve it!


Need room to grow? No problem with KnownHost’s scalable SSD Hosting with no downtime.


Decision Time


You can probably find unmanaged, shared-pool hosting, for $1 a month – maybe less.  Or, you can get feature-rich, fully isolated, massive resourced and the best fully managed Shared Cloud Hosting for just $3.47 or $6.47 per month.  Get insights on the high costs of cheap hosting servers via this post by KnownHost.


Think about how important your business success is – and how big a role your website plays in your success.  Isn’t your business worth it?  We think it is!


Choose KnownHost Shared Cloud Hosting and enjoy the competitive advantage – all at an affordable price.  It’s our FIRM commitment to you…


8 thoughts on “4 Pillars of Shared Hosting Success

  1. Those are some really insightful tips! The point that you’ve made regarding isolation is a common problem faced by many customers who sign up for shared hosting without having clear idea about the same. Fortunately I did my homework before finalizing the web hosting service provider and chose the most suitable one for my site (YourSmartHost).

    1. If you’re hitting 10,000 visitors a day on a simple website (not a major ecommerce or heavy CMS package), then shared hosting SH-2 plan would be just about right.

      If you’re going over that 10,000 or require more power for a CMS/ecommerce system, then likely you’d want to move up to the MVPS-1.

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