Enjoy fully managed ZenTao hosting choices that combine world-class support and outstanding hardware – with 99.99%+ uptime.

Shared Hosting


Now as low as


per month

Originally $8.95/mo

  • 1 Domain
  • 5 GB Cloud Storage
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • 2 MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • LiteSpeed Included
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Patchman Optional
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Shared Hosting


Now as low as


per month

Originally $12.95/mo

  • 5 Domain
  • 20 GB Cloud Storage
  • 25 Email Accounts
  • 5 MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • LiteSpeed Included
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Patchman Optional
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Shared Hosting


Now as low as


per month

Originally $19.95/mo

  • Unlimited Domain
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • LiteSpeed Included
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Patchman Optional
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Why Go with KnownHost?

ZenTao application hosting is one of our specialties. Our platform has been optimized to make your project management easy to administer, plus we’ve made it 100% fully managed. That means we take care of the technical challenges so you can focus on what you need to do – managing projects.

Free SSD’s

Speed matters. Slow project pages don’t keep users happy. We put all new customers onto servers powered by solid state devices. Solid state drives are much faster than older spinning platter devices.


Moving from your existing hosting over to KnownHost won’t be painful, filled with unanswered questions or massive downtime. We do migrations, free of charge, to help make the move smooth.


Hack attempts happen – we know that. It’s why we have deployed free DDoS protection, filtering mass attacks, thus keeping your website online when otherwise it would have been paralyzed.


Having the proven best uptime on the planet means that you can stop worrying about web hosting problems and get on with everything else on your to do list – we really are that dependable!

Free Backups

With 3 different backups available at any point in time, our automated backup system means you can safely roll-back changes, corruption, overwritten files – with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Managed Services

All managed hosting plans come with 100% server management, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking care of technical matters so that you can focus on ZenTao project work instead.


ZenTao Hosting
Powered by Softaculous

Getting up and running with any hosting account quickly is important. It’s why we include Softaculous Premium with our ZenTao hosting plans. You’ll get easy one-click installation of over 400+ different apps, packages and scripts, including ZenTao. Installs are easy, but so are uninstalls and updates. Softaculous is an amazing time-saver that we know you’ll love. It’s included, free.

What KnownHost Provides:

  • Super Speeds
  • Super Uptime
  • Super Value
  • 100% Guaranteed

+ Free SSL Certs!

+ Free cPanel!

+ Free Softaculous!


Start small, scale big (when needed). You can get a basic plan for $3.47/month, then give us a nudge as you need more resources and we’ll instantly upgrade you, without downtime or IP changes.

More Speed

Our shared and reseller plans all come with premium LiteSpeed and LSCache. This complements our SSD-hardware, giving you fast loads on pages, then instant reloads on those pages a 2nd time.


Besides the 50% off offer on Reseller Hosting and Shared Hosting plans. Lock in a great price and keep it!

KnownHost Shared Cloud Hosting Plans

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Everyone gets their own cPanel login and password, which makes reseller hosting, and the unlimited resources available to you – a very good thing indeed. They’re some of our most popular plans.


We’ve got just the thing for when you’re ready to upgrade and move up to big-spec virtual private server hosting. Our SSD VPS’s are outstanding, using premium hardware and super-fast SSD’s.

Get Cloud VPS ›

Line up a few hundred servers, built with premium SSD components, and tie them together so they all work on delivering your files as quickly as possible. It’s the fastest hosting you’ll find.


Ask and we’ll give you a free SSL certificate. However, there are times when you need a premium SSL solution (like EV). Premium SSL certs are available, for a nominal fee, no problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do backups work?

The backup infrastructure is fully automated. That means you’ll have a totally free system in place, taking snapshots each day of all your files, databases, emails – and then storing them securely on another server. If you want to roll-back, just a few clicks and it’s done. We keep 2 daily and 1 weekly snapshot. More backup snapshots are possible – just let us know and we’ll set it up for you.

Any free inducements that KnownHost includes?

There’s more than we have space to list! Here’s a few: cPanel, Softaculous, migrations, setup, server management, DDoS protection, antivirus, firewall, plus LiteSpeed & LSCache (on cloud plans).

Can I send bulk email or run hacking scripts?

Seriously? Of course we don’t allow spamming, hacking, warez or other offensive (and illegal) activities on KnownHost servers. You’ll want to check out our ToS and AUP which spell out exactly what’s not allowed, but in general – if you respect the rights of others, and the law, we’ll get along fine.

What guarantee do you have?

We guarantee your satisfaction. The guarantee is a 30-day, money back, satisfaction guarantee, with no questions asked. We would love a chance to sort any problems you may encounter, but if you’re set on leaving, we won’t tie you up.