Enjoy fully managed WhatACart hosting choices that combine world-class support and outstanding hardware – with 99.99%+ uptime.

Shared Hosting


Now as low as


per month

Originally $8.95/mo

  • 1 Domain
  • 5 GB Cloud Storage
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • 2 MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • LiteSpeed Included
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Patchman Optional
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Shared Hosting


Now as low as


per month

Originally $12.95/mo

  • 5 Domain
  • 20 GB Cloud Storage
  • 25 Email Accounts
  • 5 MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • LiteSpeed Included
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Patchman Optional
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Shared Hosting


Now as low as


per month

Originally $19.95/mo

  • Unlimited Domain
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • LiteSpeed Included
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Patchman Included
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Why Choose KnownHost?

Our WhatACart application hosting is more than fast and dependable. In fact, we pre-include dozens of features you’d expect to pay extra for, giving you a bundle with maximum usability.


SSL certificates are provided absolutely free of charge to each and every hosting client at KnownHost. Security means better visitor trust and search engine rankings as a double-bonus.


You don’t need to pay extra to get a complete backup system as part of your hosting. We make complete system snapshots so your newsletters, lists, images – everything, stays protected.


Automated attacks by zombie computers working together to overload a server – that’s DDoS. We’ve added free DDoS protection to all our hosting accounts to help protect and defend against these.

Free Server Management

Investing heavily in staff and training means that our Birmingham, Alabama server management team knows how to optimize your hosting for maximum performance and reliability, guaranteed.

SSD Hardware

We’ve taken the plunge and are now 100% SSD. So, when you sign up for a plan with KnownHost, you know that you’re getting downright blazing speeds thanks to pure SSD storage.


WhatACart combined with cPanel forms a powerful and robust one, two punch, giving you incredible ease of management, so you can do administrative tasks in seconds, not hours.

WhatACart Hosting
Powered by Softaculous

There are more than 400 different software packages which form the Softaculous system. It’s amazing, wonderful, great – we’ll rant and rave all day about how Softaculous can save you time and effort in installing packages, like WhatACart, all of which are one-click (super-easy). Get the premium version of Softaculous with our shared or reseller hosting plans – free of charge – we’re including it for FREE, even though we pay for it.

What KnownHost Provides:

  • Great Speeds
  • Great Uptime
  • Great Value
  • 100% Guaranteed

+ Free SSL Certs!

+ Free cPanel!

+ Free Softaculous!


The beauty of cloud is that we can scale your plan, up or down the way, and adjust the specifications so that you have the resources available, when you need them, without paying too much.


We’re including LiteSpeed and LSCache with our cloud plans, something you’d normally be charged for – so that you get even faster 2nd and subsequent page loads, enabling blazing speeds!

Expert Support

We invest heavily in our 24/7 support staff, because we believe our customers deserve the best. KnownHost only employs expert technical support staff and we’re always updating and improving training for improved performance.

Your Choice of Flexible Hosting Options

Reseller ›

Reseller hosting is ideally suited for WhatACart, giving you the chance to host multiple domains all on one hosting instance – each with their own unique cPanel login and password.


If you need more resources than basic Shared or Reseller, consider our traditional independent VPS. It gives control and speed at an affordable price point. These are our most popular.

Cloud VPS ›

When your website, email, or application requires even more speed and power, we recommend a Cloud VPS. It leverages the power of SSD across multiple servers, giving you amazing performance.


We have premium SSL, for a fee, or you can get one of our free SSL certificates – at no cost, the choice is yours. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with our free certs – they’re a top choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What backups?

KnownHost have put in place a pre-configured, 100% automated, backup system for you, enabled before your very first login. The system will take daily snapshots, giving you 2 daily and 1 weekly full system snapshot so that you can restore to an earlier point in time – great for many different reasons.

Multiple apps okay?

You won’t be limited to one application with your hosting account. In fact, you can install several different blogs, forums, email apps, wikis – whatever you want, within the resources as part of your account.

100% guarantee – what’s that?

If, at any point during your first 30 days following sign-up, you want to get your money back – you can, no problem. We aim for 100% satisfaction and we promise a 100% refund if we can’t achieve such. Let us know if there’s ever any sort of issue!