• 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  • Best Uptime On The Planet
  • Ubuntu, CentOS or Debian OS
  • Optional DDOS Protected IPs
  • Ceph SSD Storage Architecture
  • Instant Provisioning

Experience an unmanaged KVM Cloud VPS on KnownHost's excellent network backed by a rock solid infrastructure. Achieve enterprise grade performance and reliability at a fraction of the cost. Our unmanaged VPS platform has been built from the ground up with the same great reliabilty and peace of mind that our managed products offer.

Unmanaged VPS Specials

Current Special: Pay monthly and receive 50% off for the first month! UNMANAGED50
feature icon 1 Multiple Operating System Choices? It is standard with our unmanaged VPS.

Built on KVM our cloud services you are able to choose from Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, CentOS 7 and Debian 9.

feature icon 2 Performance Matter? Cloud VPS = Peak cloud performance.

We have developed our unmanaged hosting solution with our customers in mind. Designed to give you maximum flexibility at an affordable price.

feature icon 3 LAMP Stack, LEMP Stack, cPanel or DirectAdmin, your choice!

With our unmanaged VPS platform not only can you choose your operating system but you can choose from a variety of control panel licenses or no control panel at all and deploy yourself a LEMP or LAMP stack.

feature icon 4 24/7/365 Support Guaranteed.

Our support and administration team are constantly monitoring the health of our cluster to ensure we maintain the leading uptime in the industry. Our support department will gladly make sure your unmanaged VPS is online and accessible via your console portal.

feature icon 5 New customer? No Worries! No risk money back guarantee.

Join the KnownHost family today. We stand behind our products so much that if you're a new customer for KnownHost and aren't completely satisfied we will refund your purchase during the first 30 days!

feature icon 6 Apache, Nginx, Docker, Ubuntu, Centos? So many choices!

Our unmanaged VPS cloud line is built to be flexible to your needs. Provided with guaranteed resources you are given full control over your hosting environment. If you want to deploy WordPress with a LEMP stack based on Nginx or an ecommerce system backed by Apache our cloud solutions are for you!

cloud icon

Do you need DDOS protected IP space? We've got you covered!

Add a full time DDOS protected IP to your unmanaged VPS for $3/mo.

managed icon
Want Fully Managed Cloud VPS Hosting? We offer that too!

Check out our managed kvm cloud line today. If you get a Managed Cloud VPS from us, and choose one of the two standard control panels (cPanel or DirectAdmin) then your plan will definitely be 100% fully managed cloud hosting.

office icon
Our Unamanged KVM Cloud is leagues above the rest.

Our Unmanaged VPS product is built on OpenStack and Ceph using KVM, giving you full kernel control with distributed storage. That means your data is split between many more parallel SSD drives, working in unison, to give you the redundancy of the cloud with the speed of massive parallel architecture.

ip icon
Need a Range of IP's? We include 1 IPV4 addresse plus full IPv6 support assigning an entire /64 IPV6 allocation!

It's getting more and more common for companies to want larger ranges of IP's for a variety of applications and for limiting access to certain internal functions. We don't skimp on providing IPV6 addresses for your VPS. That's why we've provided 1 IPV4 and a full range of /64 IPv6

migration icon
Need White Label? That's how we think too.

White labeled KVM comes standard. This separates KnownHost from the rest of the industry. You can brand your server and there will be no mention of KnownHost. This feature is awesome for any company who needs to offer hosting or internet logins but doesn't want to sacrifice having their own brand name everywhere. We white label so you retain ownership, control and branding everywhere.

Other Choices Available for You

While a unmanaged VPS is an excellent choice, we have a range of products that might better suit your needs. These range from inexpensive shared hosting (cloud-based) all the way up to dedicated servers, plus a selection of complementary products like SSL certs too.

reseller icon

Reseller Hosting ›

Smaller resources for smaller websites (and those on a budget).

ssd icon

SSD-Powered VPS ›

A non-cloud-based, fully managed VPS that's less expensive than a Cloud VPS.

dedicated icon

Dedicated Servers ›

Dedicated hosting for those who need the maximum in resources and control.

ssl icon

SSL Certificates ›

Choose the perfect cert for your hosting situation.

Contact Us For Any Questions!

We have VPS servers, dedicated servers, cloud hosting with more domains, or any custom configuration you may want!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unmanaged hosting provides a basic environment for you to build your application ontop of. It comes with basic network level support only with the guarantee that you can always access your unmanaged vps. Where-as with managed hosting you are afforded a full 24/7/365 technical support department that can asisst you with any software level issues that you may encounter.

We cannot migrate instances between the two architectures, however, rest assured our staff will work with you to provide a migration plan from our unmanaged product to our managed product line. Once you have purchased a managed product line our professional services team can work with you to port the data over for a nominal fee.

With the distributed storage, redundancy, and virtual machine management systems in place, we're able to alter your server to include more storage, CPU and/or network throughput (transfers) on short notice, and without downtime. No need to knock you offline - it's a simple configuration management change we do in the background.

It all boils down to the amount of resources you require. If you've got a number of domains that have small numbers of pages, small load (low visitor numbers) and don't eat resources like a big ecommerce package (Magento for example), then shared or reseller plans might be all you need. When your visitor numbers, page numbers or application demands grow, it's time to move up to a VPS - either traditional SSD VPS or Cloud VPS. Speak with one of our sales reps who can help you look over what you've got, what you're trying to achieve, and put together a game plan that meets your needs and doesn't cost a fortune.


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