KnownHost now provides a reliable remote storage solution for all your storage needs. For only $0.02/gigabyte creating backups of important files has never been easier. Easy integration with JetBackup, cPanel backups, DirectAdmin backups, and more! Packages start at $10/month for 500GB of storage space. Additional storage may be purchased in blocks of 100GB for $0.02 per GB.

  • No Hidden Charges or Fees
  • Borg Backup Compatible
  • Easy Central Management
  • Trusted Partner
  • USA-Based Support
  • Instant Provisioning

Superior Storage

Easy to manage storage offered by the most reliable hosting provider in the business.

Full JetBackup Integration

Take advantage of incremental remote backups with JetBackup and KnownHost remote storage space. JetBackup licenses starting at $5.95 a month.

cPanel Remote Backup

Integrate our remote storage directly with cPanel Remote Backup sources, we support SFTP, Rsync and FTP integration with cPanel.

Expandable Storage Space

Our packages start with 500GB of Storage space and can be expanded in 100GB increments for a total storage capacity of 10,000 GB or 10 Terabytes of backup space. For larger storage needs please contact our sales department.

Where? Georgia and Alabama!

Our Georgia datacenter hosts the primary hardware and on-premises technical staff while Alabama is where our proficient technical support team is based. You can count on 100% on-shore support for your accounts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Access Protocols.

We support FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SSH & Rsync access to your backup storage space. This provides for a wide range of custom backup options to ensure you have additional backup copies of your data.

DirectAdmin Remote Backups

We offer full FTPS support to allow for you to take advantage of the integrated DirectAdmin remote backup configuratons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will KnownHost help me setup my remote backups?

Yes, absolutely. If you're utilizing any of our managed services, we will assist with setting and configuring your remote backup destination for your server.

What backups will this storage hold?

This storage is designed to handle Jetbackup, cPanel and Directadmin backups and more -- this solution is offered as an additional backup location for our VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Servers too!

How much remote storage can I acquire for my server?

Remote storage can be a maximum of 10TB in size, any larger and you'll need to talk to Billing about potential options.

Can remote storage be downgraded if I need less?

Yes! This storage is flexible -- as long as you're not utilizing near max capacity, we can adjust the storage to your needs as necessary.

Can I just purchase the remote storage?

Absolutely, a KnownHost service is not required for our remote storage solutions. You can purchase our remote storage for use of any of your other services.