Enjoy fully managed PropertyWebBuilder hosting choices that combine world-class support and outstanding hardware – with 99.99%+ uptime.

VPS Server



per month

  • 2 Core CPU Processor
  • 4 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 75 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 2 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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VPS Server



per month

  • 4 Core CPU Processor
  • 8 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 150 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 4 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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VPS Server



per month

  • 6 Core CPU Processor
  • 10 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 250 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 5 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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VPS Server



per month

  • 8 Core CPU Processor
  • 12 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 300 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 6 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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Why Choose KnownHost?

PropertyWebBuilder application hosting makes life easy for those wanting a website quickly, without needing to become coders themselves.

Premium Hardware

Big brand-name hardware costs a fortune. It’s also consistently faster and much more dependable than cheap and cheerful brands. There’s a reason we use premium hardware for every plan.

Global Choices

We’ve got datacenters in USA – West and East, plus Netherlands for site owners with a European flair. Choose one close to your audience for the fastest page load times.

Full Setup

Once you’ve placed a hosting plan order with KnownHost, we instantly email you the setup details, giving you a chance to login just seconds following the order. Setup is free.

Tuned for Peak

We’re proud to offer the best hardware and staff in the business, where one optimizes the other, honing every aspect of the system for top performance and top speeds.


A control panel, like DirectAdmin, can eliminate wasted time, letting you do more, faster, accomplishing tasks from email account creation to software installs. We’ve included DirectAdmin for free.

Fast DB

Our shared and reseller hosting servers run on MariaDB, the high-performance MySQL replacement that gives you with the quickest database performance possible!


PropertyWebBuilder Hosting
Powered by DirectAdmin

The easy way isn’t always a bad thing - which is why for a dollar you can get Softaculous premium with our hosting plans, enabling you to have one-click access to over 400 different software applications to be installed, including frameworks like Prototype.

What KnownHost Provides:

  • Superior Speeds
  • Best Uptime
  • Bundled Security
  • 100% Guaranteed

+ Datacenter Choice!

+ Free DirectAdmin!

+ $1 Softaculous!


Great hosting means changing when needs must. PropertyWebBuilder plans are built so that we can quickly up or downgrade your account with the resources, and budget that fits your needs.


DirectAdmin is the default control panel for PropertyWebBuilder hosting – and rightly so. It is the most intuitive, full-featured and easy to learn control panel for those who don’t want to become Linux experts.

DDoS Protect

Server-side security is one of our areas of specialty at KnownHost. You get free DDoS protection against threats like brute force and zombie flood attacks for your PropertyWebBuilder plan.

KnownHost Hosting Plans

Pick Shared ›

Cloud-based shared hosting plans deliver your pages amazingly fast. Cloud is quick, resilient and definitely the one to beat with unrivaled performance.

Reseller ›

Featuring a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee with our reseller hosting, you’ll get distinct logins for each account/domain holder – all for under $7 per month, guaranteed.

Cloud VPS Plans ›

The true best of the best server performance comes packaged as Cloud VPS plans. They are the fastest available, giving you the cutting-edge cloud advantages of speed and dependability.


Search engines and human visitors alike want URL’s secured (https://) because it means information is encrypted before being transferred back and forth from visitor to server, and back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t KnownHost cheaper than the rest?

We don’t aim to be the cheapest. Instead, we seek to provide the best hosting experience, with fast servers, great uptime and superb tech support – all at high-value price. So, instead of 99cents a month, we may charge $3.47 for the same Shared Hosting plan. Most customers appreciate having fast, dependable and managed hosting for a few dollars extra per month.

Can I get WordPress too?

PropertyWebBuilder is great, but there are times when you want more, or would like to test out some possible server service expansion – like adding a forum, wiki, helpdesk, or even try out a new blog on WordPress or other software. At KnownHost, you can install multiple applications on your account. The them. If you like them, keep them running. If not, remove them.

Can I send bulk email or run hacking scripts?

Seriously? Of course, we won’t let you spam, hack, distribute warez or other offensive (and illegal) activities on KnownHost servers. You’ll want to check out our ToS and AUP which spell out exactly what’s not allowed, but in general – if you respect the rights of others, and the law, we’ll get along fine.