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Framework developed on javascript, JsMorph can manipulate almost any and multiple styles of HTML elements to fit the needs. Capable of auto-detecting start positions, convering units, and adjusting to rendering speed as necessary to correct time leaks for a better and smoother rendering experience.

Create .zip files with Javascript by using JSZip. JSZip is a method of delivering multiple files to your users via .zip instead of wasting server resources, let the client do it for you with JSZip.

Extend CSS's dynamic behavior on variables, functions, etc with LESS. LESS runs both client-side and server-side with the capability of utilizing Node.js and Rhino. Designed to enhance the dynamic stylesheet language in your development projects.

Highly documented, well tested suite of Javascript libraryes, Mochikit is here to help you get what needs to be done, fast. Developed from by developers with multiple lines of experience across different languages and adapted to the world of Javascript.

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  • Patchman Included
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More choices for great Libraries Hosting Applications

Small JavaScript library designed to detect the availability of implementations on next-gen technology. Modernizr simply tells you whether the current browse has a natively implemented feature or not.

Framework designed for intermediate to advanced JavaScript developers, MooTools is compact, modular and object-oriented to allow you to write powerful, flexible, cross-browser code while providing sufficient documentation to get things done.

Lightweight browser-based image processing library, PaintbrushJS is built utilizing javascript and canvas. Capable of being used to apply classes to an element on a page or parameters for additional HTML attributes.

Graph library used for dynamic scientific, business and stockmarket charts. PHPLot is intended to provide the ability for PHP Developers to create pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, point graphs, etc. from a PHP application.

JavaScript Framework designed to ease development of dynamic web applications. Providing an easy-to-use toolkil with a Ajax Library. Prototype is here as an object-oriented framework, supporting cross-browser code.

Small JavaScript library designed to simplify your work by providing vector graphics for your web applications. Use it to create your own specific chart, crop an image or rotate objects all handled by this simplistic library.

An easy-to-use, cross browser interface, is a JavaScript library to help make your applications and web sites perform as fast as possible. Set to use these library's to enhance the user interface by providing a visual effects engine with drag and drop controls.

Designed as a powerful, flexible JavaScript framework -- Scripty2 is available to help you write your own user interfaces with extensive visual effects. It's compact, modular and object-oriented.

Pure, quick, and simple. Flot is a JavaScript plotting library for jQuery by focusing on simplistic usage for its interactive features. Extensive documentation, it's own API and ability to utilize plugins for enhanced customization.

CSS-Selector Engine designed with pure-javascript to be easily dropped in and used for any development application. Completely stand alone with no additional library dependencies required, gzipped, custom API and much more.

Build interactive web interfaces with Vue.js. Providing data-reactive components with their simple and flexible API. Lean and exnsivle core with a component-oriented development style with tooling support.

Set of utilties and controls written with Javascript and CSS, YUI Library is intended for building web applications to be highly interactive with techniques such as DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX. Proven, tested, scalable and fast -- designed, developed and updated by contributors around the world.

Plotting and charting plugin for the jQuery Javascript framework. jqPLot is for producing beautiful line, bar and pie charts while accompanied with many different features. Provides support for extensive plugins to expand upon its already diverse functionality.

Handle events, animation and ajax with ease under jQuery. Designed to be a fast, small and feature rich JavaScript library for extensive versatility and extensibility. Use jQuery to create dynamic websites with interactive content.

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We know your library, script and application hosting should have everything you need in one bundle. We aim to deliver the best, most convenient hosting for our customers, that’s just what we look to achieve each day, every day. You get free, fire and forget migration and set up assistance, so there’s no technical heavy lifting to worry about, alongside 3 full-scope snapshot backups that are on-hand at all times. Besides great performance and dependability, we pre-bundle many free features like….

Plenty of Bandwidth

Don’t worry about having too much traffic. We’re including unlimited bandwidth so that you can serve up as many pages to as many people as you can attract, without charging extra for bandwidth.

Setup & Migration

There’s no hassle involved in joining KnownHost. We give you free, fully-managed migration and setup services, with our USA-based support team handling all the hard work.

On-Shore Support

Keeping your libraries projects online around the clock takes commitment - but our expert USA-based support teams enjoy it 24x7x365.

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Besides SSL, we provide free DDoS protection, include antivirus, antispam and server hardening, to help make security concerns a thing of the past.

Premium Softaculous

Select any plan for your library app with KnownHost, and your plan will come with free Softaculous Premium edition, giving you instant, one-click access to a library of over 400 useful, powerful apps.

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Sometimes another option or optional item is required - and we have plenty to choose from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

100% guarantee – what is it?

If, at any point during your first 30 days following Libraries plan sign-up, you want to get your money back – you can, no problem. We aim for 100% satisfaction and we promise a 100% refund if we can’t achieve such. Let us know if there’s ever any sort of issue!

Do you offer Windows servers?

No, we do not currently offer any Microsoft server products, just as we don’t offer anything from Amazon either.

Over the past couple of decades, we’ve come to appreciate the value of open source software, and operating systems, including their dependability and performance. While many do enjoy Microsoft as a server platform, we find the licensing costs and security issues to be prohibitive. Frankly, we’d rather not expose you to either of those things.

How can I manage SSL renewal easier?

We have free AutoSSL on-hand and ready to go at all times. Just ask for it and we’ll add it to your libraries hosting project. Then, AutoSSL will handle your on-site certificate upkeep, updating SSL as and when required.