Enjoy fully managed LetoDMS hosting choices that combine world-class support and outstanding hardware – with 99.99%+ uptime.

VPS Server



per month

  • 2 Core CPU Processor
  • 4 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 75 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 2 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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VPS Server



per month

  • 4 Core CPU Processor
  • 8 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 150 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 4 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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VPS Server



per month

  • 6 Core CPU Processor
  • 10 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 250 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 5 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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VPS Server



per month

  • 8 Core CPU Processor
  • 12 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 300 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 6 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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Want even more savings? Signup for Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual billing and save upto 15% off the base cost.

Why Choose KnownHost?

We provide you with ease of administration (including cPanel and server management), as well as taking away some of the worries (with included automatic backup systems and SSL certificates). You’ll enjoy the 24x7x365 support by on-shore experts, with an average under 5-minute response. Here’s a few of the bundled freebies we include as well.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Worrying about going over on transfers is a thing of the past with shared and reseller hosting. Don’t worry about transferring files, backing up, big files, many files, repetitive operations – they’re no problem.

Faster Caching

When you choose either shared or reseller hosting, you’ll get the latest cutting-edge ultra high-performance cloud-based tech that makes use of LiteSpeed and LSCache to speed up LetoDMS.

Patchman Security

Patchman is like a night watchman security guard, actively detecting and patching known security vulnerabilities in common software like WordPress (and others).


Take advantage of free cPanel on your LetoDMS account and tap into one of the most highly rated, mature development, open source control panels in the business. It’s free at KnownHost.

SSL Options

You can take advantage of our free SSL certs (free for customers) – we hope you do. But, if you’d prefer, we have competitively priced premium SSL certs available as well. We’ll even install them for you.

Tuned for Peak

Having the best hardware and staff in the business isn’t wasted with idle hands playing poker between projects. Instead, we optimize and hone every aspect for peak performance for top speeds.

LetoDMS Hosting
Softaculous Premium

You’ll get Softaculous Premium (at no added cost) include freely with your hosting account. With it, you can install LetoDMS in 1-click, upgrade it in 1-click and even remove it in 1-click. You’ll even get 400+ other apps, scripts and frameworks which you can install in 1-click too.

What KnownHost Provides:

  • Proven, Established Open Source Software
  • Multiple Redundant Tier-1 Internet Connections
  • 1000’s of Happy 5* Reviews
  • 100% Guaranteed

+ Free SSL Certs!

+ Free cPanel!

+ Free Softaculous!


LetoDMS runs well on our least expensive shared hosting for just $3.47/month. It runs well on our $6.97 reseller hosting. If your site/needs grow, we can migrate you up the way with no inconvenience.

High Performance DB

To further speed up your LetoDMS, we’re running MariaDB in place of MySQL. It’s fully compatible, yet much faster, giving you the best database performance available.


If you want great Shared or Reseller hosting that doesn’t break the bank, then sign up for shared or reseller at KnownHost and take 50% on your first term, even up to 3 years in length. Save more, now.

KnownHost Hosting Plans

Reseller Upgrade ›

Make the move from shared to reseller for just a few dollars a month and you’ll enjoy perks like more resources on tap, plus individualized cPanel logins and passwords for each domain or account.

VPS Upgrade ›

If you’re running LetoDMS alongside other software like a blog, wiki, forum or ecommerce package, you might benefit from the major step upward in server horsepower with a traditional SSD VPS.

Cloud VPS Upgrade ›

If you’ve got demanding applications or demanding users, or both, the cloud VPS plans are where to turn. The massively parallel transfers mean you get things done in parallel – and FAST!

SSL Certs ›

Let our expert team of server admins install a free SSL certificate for you. It costs you nothing, but adds substantial security to your server, giving you great front line defenses against eavesdropping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get only LetoDMS hosting?

Your hosting account is yours – it’s fully under your control, so feel free to install more than just LetoDMS. You can install more than one app on your account, limited only by the available resources set out by your plan. Want more? We can upgrade you, no problem.

What limitations are there?

You really should check out the ToS and AUP which spell out the specific terms of your hosting agreement. To summarize - if you plan on doing anything relating to warez, spam, hacking or infringing content that’s illegal in any way, don’t bother – we won’t tolerate such.

What about refunds?

Should you want a refund during the first 30 days, just say the word and we’ll be happy to do so. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you’ll rest easy, without any risk or worry. If you do have any issues, please let us know so we can improve our service. We bend over backwards to keep customers happy!