Choose KnownHost for your GLPI Hosting needs. Combine our world-class support and our outstanding hardware with your application and allow us to provide you that 99.99%+ uptime that we’re known for.

Shared Hosting


Now as low as


per month

Originally $8.95/mo

  • 1 Domain
  • 5 GB Cloud Storage
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • 2 MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • LiteSpeed Included
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Patchman Optional
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Shared Hosting


Now as low as


per month

Originally $12.95/mo

  • 5 Domain
  • 20 GB Cloud Storage
  • 25 Email Accounts
  • 5 MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • LiteSpeed Included
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Patchman Optional
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Shared Hosting


Now as low as


per month

Originally $19.95/mo

  • Unlimited Domain
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • LiteSpeed Included
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Patchman Optional
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* Prices reflect three year term commitment.

Why Choose KnownHost?

KnownHost GLPI application hosting is the most dependable in the business, over the past several years – without exception. The pure-SSD platform that’s been tweaked for peak performance thanks to the research and testing of a USA-based team of server admin experts. There’s no bad reason to pick KnownHost GLPI hosting!


Pick a shared or reseller hosting plan and benefit from a cloud-based platform created with LiteSpeed and LSCache to speed up your website so it’s even faster.

Free Backups

Your backup system is integrated, automated and totally free. You’ll get 2 daily snapshots of the entire account (email, db, files) and 1 weekly. These can be restored in a few clicks with ease.


All of KnownHost managed hosting plans have teams of experts based in USA. They’re working 24x7x365 to ensure your server(s) are working at their best.


A dedicated security team has created, and continues to maintain, a free layer of protection against automated DDoS attacks – blocking them from slowing your site.


Choose KnownHost and you’ll receive free SSL certificates for domains hosted with us. They’re fully recognized by modern browsers and help protect against eavesdropping in comms.


You’ll get cPanel for free as part of your GLPI Shared Hosting account, so that you can handle all the regular day to day hosting tasks like dealing with email accounts, databases and files, quickly and with ease.


GLPI Hosting
Softaculous Premium

We provide Softaculous Premium with GLPI hosting accounts. You’ll enjoy the 1-click installer that deploys any of over 400+ different apps, packages and scripts, including GLPI. Installs are easy, but so are uninstalls and updates. Softaculous Premium is included free.

What KnownHost Provides:

  • High Security Servers
  • High Availability
  • High Performance
  • No High Prices

+ Free SSL Certs!

+ Free cPanel!

+ Free Softaculous!


GLPI runs well on any of our hosting plans, from small to large. It’s your choice which to sign up for, keeping in mind it comes down to visitor numbers, site size and other apps running.

No Setup Fee

We’ll setup your account, without a setup fee, without a migration fee, without a bunch of hidden extra charges. You can get started today without surprises – on great value, managed hosting plans.

GLPI Savings

Enjoy a substantial discount – regardless of plan type. With promotions currently underway, you’ll have 50% off on Shared or Reseller plans for entire first term (up to a max of 3 years).

Your Choice of Flexible Hosting Options

Reseller Plans ›

If you have multiple clients and domains, shared hosting can take a bit of effort to manage. Reseller hosting takes away some of the pain with individual cPanel account logins.

VPS Plans ›

We made the move to all-SSD and GLPI users comment that it’s been good for them. Your new account will be running on name brand hardware that’s 100% SSD for top performance.

Cloud VPS Plans ›

If you need more speed than a classic SSD VPS – look at our Cloud VPS plans. We’ve taken hundreds of SSD servers and combined their resources so they work in parallel – superfast.

SSL Certs ›

SSL certs are the one thing every site owner can do to make sure exchanges are fully encrypted between the server and the website visitors. Get yours FREE today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my mind and swap from shared to reseller?

Yes. It’s a natural upgrade path that we handle every day. Just open a support ticket and let us know that you’d like to upgrade, and which reseller plan you prefer. We’ll take care of getting everything migrated across for you – it’s no problem. There’s no downtime involved in our cloud migrations – you’ll keep the same IP and files will stay intact.

Can I run _____ apps?

Have a look at both our ToS and AUP pages which detail exactly what is and isn’t allowed. In short, we believe in legal, ethical participation in the world wide web and ask that our customers uphold those values. That means we don’t allow warez, hacking or similar.

Are all shared and reseller hosting plans based on cloud architecture?

Yes. The new cloud-based architecture of KnownHost powers all of our shared and reseller hosting accounts. That means you’ll benefit from SSD hardware, Ceph, OpenStack, LiteSpeed, LSCache, cPanel, MariaDB and Premium Softaculous. You get the best performance thanks to our using the best hardware, software and networking available.