Enjoy fully managed Arfoo hosting choices that combine world-class support and outstanding hardware – with 99.99%+ uptime.

VPS Server



per month

  • 2 Core CPU Processor
  • 4 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 75 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 2 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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VPS Server



per month

  • 4 Core CPU Processor
  • 8 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 150 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 4 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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VPS Server



per month

  • 6 Core CPU Processor
  • 10 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 250 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 5 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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VPS Server



per month

  • 8 Core CPU Processor
  • 12 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 300 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 6 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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Want even more savings? Signup for Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual billing and save upto 15% off the base cost.

Why Choose KnownHost?

The Arfoo application hosting plans are available with tons of features pre-bundled, so that you don’t have to pay extra to get the basic functions that you want. Here’s a select few of those as examples of what you might pay extra for elsewhere, but not at KnownHost.


We’ll move everything from your old host (free). There’ll be minimal downtime and no inconvenience, even when we schedule moves outside normal business hours.


It’s no problem to have big traffic to your site, because we’re including 2 TB of Premium bandwidth with basic VPS so that you can serve up as many pages to as many people as you can attract.

DDoS Protection

Defending your account against zombie computer attacks, we’re including protection against DDoS attacks as a free part of your basic account. Some hosts don’t even offer this for a fee.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At KnownHost, we like our customers to know that we’re dedicated to the best hosting performance – at all times. As such, your Arfoo hosting plan comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Tell us that you aren’t completely happy with any part of your KnownHost experience and we’ll immediately set things right.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Don’t worry about having too much traffic. We’re including unlimited bandwidth so that you can serve up as many pages to as many people as you can attract, without charging extra for bandwidth.

SSL Cert

Get a totally free SSL certificate for your domain as part of your hosting account. We know SSL is key to security, and that’s why we’re including the cert free of charge.


Arfoo Hosting
Powered by Softaculous

Continuing to improve the lives of our hosting customers, we include Premium Softaculous, at no cost, with most hosting plans. It’ll give you more than 400 different software packages, scripts, apps and frameworks, enabling you to install with 1-click all for $1.

What KnownHost Provides:

  • Full Features
  • Full Management
  • Full Speed
  • Great Prices

+ Free SSL Certs!

+ Free DirectAdmin!

+ $1 Softaculous!


Don’t spend more than you need to - until you to. Start off Arfoo on basic managed VPS, then choose more later. We’ll handle the move, if and when it’s time. Until then, enjoy the savings.

Premium Everything

We invest heavily in quality software, hardware and networking. It’s our way of ensuring performance, uptime and minimizing the need for support tickets. We spend more for good reason.


The KnownHost Management Portal provides one unified entry point for hosting and domains, which, when combined with DirectAdmin, makes logins and site management that much easier.

KnownHost Hosting Plans

Reseller ›

The ideal plan for those who have several clients, with each of them needing their own cPanel logins (something not possible with Shared hosting). Inexpensive despite having added resources.


Accelerating page requests is the name of the game and is the primary reason we switched from traditional HDD’s to SSD’s. Performance is enhanced while reliability stays consistently great.

Cloud VPS ›

As you need more and more resources, or faster page loads, the Cloud VPS options for Arfoo becomes a clear frontrunner. Not cheap – but is very, very fast, thanks to Ceph and OpenStack.


Ask and we’ll give you a free SSL certificate. However, there are times when you need a premium SSL solution (like EV). Premium SSL certs are available, for a nominal fee, no problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run more than just Arfoo?

Certainly. You’ll be able to run Arfoo side-by-side with a blog, forum, wiki, etc…. You’ll be in total control, limited only be available resources (site size and visitor numbers will determine maximum installations).

What’s the guarantee?

There’s a 100% satisfaction, money back, no questions asked, guarantee. If you don’t like something – give us a shout and we’ll sort it out for you. But if you really must go, then just let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll refund you – no problem.

Is it only Arfoo hosting?

No. With any Arfoo hosting plan, you can install additional software, like a blog, wiki, CRM, etc, etc. Many people choose to add a blog, like WordPress, though you could easily add a wiki instead, or run all three!