WordPress configuration via cPanel


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We just signed up for a KnownHost SSD-3 package after reading good reviews about the company. We need to setup a WordPress multisite instance to host a few of our client sites. We will only be hosting their websites and nothing else. Right now we have about 6 sites that we need to setup, and adding new ones each month about 2 per month at the moment. For our configuration we would like to have the following setup:

Nginx – Reverse Proxy. We have installed Engintron
Apache 2.4.18 MPM Event – We have installed this via EasyApache 3
Zend opcache
Some WordPress Caching Plugin (Trying to decide between WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache)

My questions are:

- Can PHP-FPM be installed via cPanel?
- How do we determine optimal settings for the PHP-FPM pools?
- We’re leaning towards WP Rocket for caching. Has anyone used this plugin, and could offer any feedback?
- Is the SSD-3 package good enough to host about 10 sites? Most will be very low traffic, with the exception of one site which may see occasional traffic spikes. I don’t have any numbers yet, so we may just be a wait and see. I just don’t want to start off with a VPS that we’ll have to upgrade soon.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the late reply.

Sounds like you've got a good setup going so far. As for your questions:

PHP-FPM is not currently supported fully. This will be changing in v58 as far as I know. That's when it will properly manage the pools for each site.

I tend to avoid caching plugins. I find that RAM-based opcode caches are far superior and adding another layer just adds complication with no real benefit.

SSD-3 is a great starting point. It's impossible to say if it's the perfect solution for you - just have to keep an eye on your resources especially during traffic spikes.
Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the reply. The setup seems to be running well so far. We still have some benchmarking to do to see how it holds up when under heavy load.
Hi Jonathan and Garett,

I am sorry to bump into your post/topic but this did fancy my imagination.

At the moment my website: sktthemes.net gets a few 504 and 502 errors. I do have NGINX installed using Engintron and as someone has pointed in tickets in KnownHost previously the culprit is W3 Total Cache as they say.

So should i remove W3 Total Cache completely and also ask ticket to install ZendOp Cache?

I am not technical by the way but i do know about WordPress.

I did plan on having LiteSpeed but i am afraid it will break my WooCommerce based shop as i sell and currently its a working site so i can't take risks too.

Your answer and help will be appreciated.

Oh one more thing i forgot to say i don't have memcached and fastcgi also enabled in my cpanel. So does this need to be enabled?
Hi Shri,

Sorry for the late response. This setup is fairly new to me, but so far it's working well. I don't have a caching plugin, like W3 Total Cache, installed. I just enabled Zend opcache and that has been good so far. We are hosting about 5 sites on a multi-site install. They are not very high traffic sites, so I'm not sure how our setup will do under load. We are going to do some load testing soon, as we have a new site launching that may see a major spike in traffic.