1. F

    Delay in support ticket response after VPS hosting purchased

    I purchased a managed Basic VPS plan today, for more than an hour plus the VPS is not yet activated neither have i received any email or update regards the support ticket 1275470 i raised. I migrated to knownhost from namecheap because of their helpful support, but am surprised to see that...
  2. brandshouter

    Hardening VPS/Ded Server for WordPress w/o security Plugins

    I've been a Knownhost customer for a while and just now found the forums (thanks to searching for this subject). I only handle WordPress sites on my server for my clients. I'm looking for a way to not have security plugins installed on the application level and, instead, harden my VPS with...
  3. S

    Localrelay alerts

    Hi, Two days I'm getting these alerts. I do not know this problem. It had never happened before. It seems to me to be some kind of spam sent from VPS by a specific user. Am I right? I noticed that the VPS email queue is high. How can I solve this problem? Thankful...
  4. S

    DNS management & clean up

    Hi there, I have a few domains on my VPS and want to clean up the DNS zone but I don't want to break anything. Question #1 As I'm using Google App for my email, is it secure to remove the following entries: mail (CNAME) webmail (A) As I have added the entries required by Google App...
  5. P

    Moving to SSD VPS

    Hi Knownhost, I would like to ask some suggestion about upgrading our VPS to SSD VPS. The current setup is Core 2 E8500 @3.4Ghz and 16GB of RAM. However due to our heavy scripted Wordpress websites and our CPU is currently the bottleneck. I am researching to upgrade this VPS to modern SSD...
  6. S

    Website Optimization Ideas & Suggestions

    Hey everyone! I'm fairly new to the VPS scene and had just switched from a shared host plan to KnownHost earlier this month. Quick About: We run a forum that deals with certain weather events that can see a big peek in activity 3-4 times a day and even more if severe weather looks imminent. We...
  7. G

    Help/Advice Needed - Email/SPAM Filter - New SSD-2 cPanel 60 w LS Server, CloudFlare, etc...

    Hello All, I am brand new to the KH family, with a VPS SSD-2 with cPanel 60, LS Server, LS Cache. I have been designing websites since 1993 and have had many different hosts and types over the years. All where fully managed, apparently much more so the KH's definition of Managed. I also...
  8. H

    One SSL site showing on other domains

    Hi, I have multiple domains on a VPS and have bought SSL for one domain. When i open other domain with https:// it shows me first domain website. for e.g i have purchased SSL for this https://www.fesfna.org and when i open https://www.peacequarters.com with https:// it shows me...
  9. G

    WordPress configuration via cPanel

    Hi, We just signed up for a KnownHost SSD-3 package after reading good reviews about the company. We need to setup a WordPress multisite instance to host a few of our client sites. We will only be hosting their websites and nothing else. Right now we have about 6 sites that we need to setup...
  10. F

    hosting mail using VPS server

    Hello everyone, I need a help necessarily about using virtual private server technique to host mail domain and its sub domain the possibility. I have almost 18 sub domain in different states and the main mail server so I will use a one public IP address for the 18 sub domains.
  11. L

    Bigger SSD VPS packages

    Hello, In the VPS packages with non-SSD harddrive you have upto VPS-7, but in the SSD packages the biggest is SSD-5. Is there any plan to create some bigger SSD VPS packages for next year? Like a SSD-6 and SSD7 with more harddrive space. Thanks.
  12. GreatMarko

    Allow SSD VPS hosting in your other data centers

    At present, KnownHost operate out of 3 data centers (in Texas, Washington, and Maryland), however for customers who choose SSD VPS hosting, "All SSD powered VPS Servers are located in our world-class Central datacenter at Texas, US" Please extend SSD VPS provisions to your other two data...