1. aromero

    Best security plugins for Wordpress?

    Hi all. What are the Best security plugins for Wordpress in your opinion? Thanks! Alex Romero
  2. brandshouter

    Global httpd.conf rules

    I've compiled a list of static security rules for all of the sites on my server from hours of web research and searching. I'm currently using .htaccess to serve these rules. I'm wanting to serve these rules globally from my server. As a pretty novice .htaccess user, I was hoping someone here...
  3. brandshouter

    Hardening VPS/Ded Server for WordPress w/o security Plugins

    I've been a Knownhost customer for a while and just now found the forums (thanks to searching for this subject). I only handle WordPress sites on my server for my clients. I'm looking for a way to not have security plugins installed on the application level and, instead, harden my VPS with...
  4. B

    Best practices for new site to replace old

    I'm in the process of negotiating an agreement to create a new WordPress site for a client whose current WordPress site is hosted here on KnownHost. What I'm looking for here is some advice on the best way to deal with this as well as what kind of support KH offers for this. About the only thing...
  5. The Sorcerer

    Wordpress to recommed hosting companies SSL certs by default

    I noticed this message in my WordPress: First, early in 2017, we will only promote hosting partners that provide a SSL certificate by default in their accounts. Later we will begin to assess which features, such as API authentication, would benefit the most from SSL and make them only enabled...
  6. G

    WordPress configuration via cPanel

    Hi, We just signed up for a KnownHost SSD-3 package after reading good reviews about the company. We need to setup a WordPress multisite instance to host a few of our client sites. We will only be hosting their websites and nothing else. Right now we have about 6 sites that we need to setup...
  7. T

    MySQL gremlin

    This past Friday, my dedicated server was upgraded to an SSD. A stock OS was installed on the SSD and then account restorations went next. One of the shockers was that all dedicated IP addresses were reset back to the primary IP, breaking two of my largest clients' sites. Got that sorted out...
  8. K

    One site WordPress causing excessive process

    I need some help with one site on my VPS. The is site running excessive processes and ends up crashing mysql taking down all the other sites on the server with it. Here's a list of what I have done to try and fix but nothing is working. - scanned for malware and it came up clean - renamed...
  9. The Sorcerer

    Need help to create a second wordpress site on the server

    Hi, I have a VPS-2 with an extra IP address and a new domain from Namecheap. I wish to create a second WordPress site in the server but I am not sure how to do it plus the guides are creates more questions than answers. I'll appreciate any advice or a reference to a step-by-step guide.
  10. KH-DavidL

    WordPress 4.3.1 Security and Maintenance Release

    September 15, 2015 WordPress released a Security and Maintenance update. Source Remember to keep your WordPress installs up to date! For WordPress Security Tips, check out our Wiki Article.