1. Jenolan

    WHM v88

    WHM is asking to do an update from v86 to v88 ... is it safe and stable, read some of the blurbo just want to be sure it is prime time ready before updating the server. Thanks Larry
  2. P

    Installing Node.js on CPanel / Centos7?

    Hello, Has anyone installed Node.js on CPanel / Centos7? i don't really want to install nginx, and i've read that it's not absolutely necessary.. it seems from this (also quoted here) that it's pretty straightforward, but does anyone have experience with this? Thank you!
  3. P

    Optionsbleed and cPanel

    Hello All, After reading this Ars article, i freaked out a little; tried running the 'test' to see whether my system is affected, but found nothing out of the ordinary: for i in {1..100}; do curl -sI -X OPTIONS https://yoursite.tld/|grep -i "allow:"; done They recommend installing this patch...
  4. S

    DNS management & clean up

    Hi there, I have a few domains on my VPS and want to clean up the DNS zone but I don't want to break anything. Question #1 As I'm using Google App for my email, is it secure to remove the following entries: mail (CNAME) webmail (A) As I have added the entries required by Google App...
  5. G

    Help/Advice Needed - Email/SPAM Filter - New SSD-2 cPanel 60 w LS Server, CloudFlare, etc...

    Hello All, I am brand new to the KH family, with a VPS SSD-2 with cPanel 60, LS Server, LS Cache. I have been designing websites since 1993 and have had many different hosts and types over the years. All where fully managed, apparently much more so the KH's definition of Managed. I also...
  6. O

    CPanel update fatal error.

    Hello. Recently, I've been getting a daily email from the Cron Daemon about Cpanel and WHM update. It seems the update fails every time, with the log concluding with the following message: [2016-09-23 17:02:18 -0400] W NOTE: A system upgrade was not possible due to the following blockers...
  7. G

    WordPress configuration via cPanel

    Hi, We just signed up for a KnownHost SSD-3 package after reading good reviews about the company. We need to setup a WordPress multisite instance to host a few of our client sites. We will only be hosting their websites and nothing else. Right now we have about 6 sites that we need to setup...
  8. P

    enable CRAM-MD5 auth in dovecot and exim on WHM/cPanel?

    Hello all, i was just wondering if anyone has gone through the process of enabling CRAM-MD5 authentication in dovecot and exim on WHM/cPanel... i guess the problem is that CRAM-MD5 needs a separate database of hashed passwords, which seems fairly straightforward to set up if you know all the...
  9. A

    secure login to cpanel and webmail

    hi all i just had a chat session with sale team and they confirmed the following to me they said login to cpanel would be done via a link like this : http://ip : port not via a link with https which mean no SSL or TLS is not used which mean anyone can have your password no matter what you do...
  10. T

    Cpanel Accounts, Shared IP, and Server Configuration

    Good morning, everyone! Having passed the 1-year mark with KnownHost as well as my first dedicated server after years of shared and then VPS hosting the past couple years before coming here, I can see now where I would've done things a little differently. I'm hoping that there is a practical...
  11. T

    MySQL gremlin

    This past Friday, my dedicated server was upgraded to an SSD. A stock OS was installed on the SSD and then account restorations went next. One of the shockers was that all dedicated IP addresses were reset back to the primary IP, breaking two of my largest clients' sites. Got that sorted out...
  12. N

    Wordpress Hosting

    Greetings all, I am not much of a technical guy but I have been reading some articles on my thread title. I have a VPS (cpanel) with KH. Right now offering small number of hosting accounts with not much burden on the resources. My clients ask me whether I am offering Wordpress Hosting or...