[MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?


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Comparing knownhost with its competitors will let you know the uptime rate of knownhost, even comparing price will let you feel the difference, I have completed a year with knownhost and never remembered any prominent downtime (except a few negligible and this one)

KnownHost LLC:

Uptime: 99.999%
Monitoring Interval: 5
Days Monitored: 207
Servers: 43


Uptime: 99.737%
Monitoring Interval: 8
Days Monitored: 319
Servers: 36


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ya ;) but may be they used this

Maintenance Scheduling
You can define (one-time or recurring) maintenance windows so that we pause monitoring during those periods or simply exclude them from uptime reporting.
to stop monitoring ;) but the fact is knownhost was their and worked professionally to get back our VPSs up and running as soon as possible and they done there best, as it was told that the major delay was due to licensing servers, that wasn't there fault (I don't mean that that wasn't due to them but the major uptime was caused by another reason they were unable to do anything until the vendor told them about that ip change); If you are human, you will make errors its natural


ya ;) but may be they used this

to stop monitoring ;)
Yup, I am aware of that ability however knownhost has always been honest even when they have been at fault so there is no doubt in my mind that they would truthfully allow uptime statistics to be calculated.


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We didn't stop hyperspin monitoring yesterday and never done this before in case of problems with physical machines except cases when we run scheduled and announced systems maintenance. Also, what's the point to do such a "lie" at HyperSpin while a bit more than single customer noticed the problem? Sure, there is no reason.
Why figures at HyperSpin didn't change due to what happened yesterday? Well, that's quite simple - we monitor physical servers and none of the physical machines went down yesterday. Every singe physical server was up and running, the only thing that wasn't working is good number of actual VPSs hosted on these physical machines. We do not monitor individual VPSs with HyperSpin, if this will be the case there will be a bit more that just 40+ deviced listed in HyperSpin stats. Hope this explains things.