[MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by gsv, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. gsv

    gsv Voice of Reason

    TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    I'm just wondering...is anyone else experiencing an outage in TX right now?
  2. gameutopia

    gameutopia New Member

    I was logged into shell and just got booted. No http, can't login to virtuozzo either says loggin not allowed. I was hoping it wasn't just me.
  3. RaceJunkie

    RaceJunkie Member

    Same here all sites down and no log in to vps
  4. gsv

    gsv Voice of Reason

    Strange. Haven't heard anything from KH themselves either. I don't like how it's June 30th...the last day of the month is the perfect day for billing issues to crop up ;)

    But seriously - this does suck...if it's not back up by 9PM EDT I will probably have to resort to using my own backups and restoring everything over to a hot-spare server....(yes, I do keep them)
  5. RaceJunkie

    RaceJunkie Member

    Anyone tried to call them yet?

    Where are the forums hosted?
  6. complexnumber

    complexnumber New Member

    Same here, I can't even ping knownhost.com, my VPS is in california, hmm strange
  7. RaceJunkie

    RaceJunkie Member

    What do you mean by a Hot spare server, another host? would it not take time for the DNS to update?:confused:
  8. gsv

    gsv Voice of Reason

    I have low TTLs set, and another DNS provider (dnsmadeeasy).
  9. RecodingNet

    RecodingNet New Member

    Yea same here, I'm getting nothing, about 15 customers asking where its all gone :( hope its back soon.
  10. complexnumber

    complexnumber New Member

    Yea, at least to know what it's going on.
  11. gsv

    gsv Voice of Reason

    How could ALL CA nodes and ALL TX nodes be offline at the same time? Think about it. Something doesn't add up here.

    I'm beginning to gather my backups, and I think everyone else should consider doing the same.
  12. Dustin S

    Dustin S New Member

    My service is down

    I'm having trouble accessing my server. All of my sites appear to be down and I can't access plesk either. Anyone else having trouble, my VPS runs off the Texas data center.

    Please Help!
  13. MikeyJ

    MikeyJ New Member

    Site down

    yet again knownhost and my site have both gone down.. i cant check my control panel or use the knownhost ticket system to get the problem sorted, anyone else having problems?
  14. Jleagle

    Jleagle New Member

    Noo, this is gonna ruin my 100% June uptime...
  15. dcaulk

    dcaulk New Member

    I'm Down Too- Tx DC

    I'm down too. Just noticed at: 8:35 PM. No Virtuozzo CP or sites... Hope it's not too big a deal. Gotta get some work done tonight.
  16. RecodingNet

    RecodingNet New Member

    Thanks for the info gsv..glad i had a separate server for that...what the hell has happened tho?
  17. dakman

    dakman New Member

    Same Here All My California Vps's (and Sites) Are Down...

    Vz 8

    Knownhost.com Also Appears To Be Down And Email Is Not Being Relayed (eg No Auto Response For New Tech Support Inquiries))
  18. rpoulton

    rpoulton New Member

    My TX VPS is also unavailable. I've emailed support but I assume it will bounce until their network is back online.
  19. Arlee

    Arlee New Member


    Our vps is down also. I tried to call them and I just got an answering service about their usual office hours. I am not sure what to do!
  20. Jleagle

    Jleagle New Member

    Its been down now for at least half an hour, on my VPS at least.

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