[MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?


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Well my sites were down, but the appear to be back up. I have to say, this is a first in over a year that I've been with Knownhost.


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Same here phewww... thought kh went out of biz was scary... usually kh.com is always up regardless of any downtime ive every had...


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Yes as of 9:10 PM EDT or so I am back online.

Looks like KnownHost had sw-soft licensing issues...that's my best guess.


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KnownHost, I completely understand you guys must be working hard to resolve whatever issues you're experiencing, but I certainly feel an update to your customers would be in order.


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The best in that listings for over 10 servers.

Please Knownhost, keep to your reputation! :)

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i was like this for 1 hour :D


This is extremely strange, power panel only reports 6 seconds of downtime for my vps. Hyperspin says it was down but my personal monitoring service (a local box running opmanager, which is in the uk) reports no down time at all!


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my reseller acct was down for about 25 mins.

nobody's perfect.

at least it was fixed relatively quickly


Craziness does happen, with many hosts I have dealt with when a disaster strikes when you really need your host the most thats when the staff is no where to be found.

Thank god we have a wonderful KH staff who helped us through this as quickly as they can!


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It certainly does happen. This was my first real downtime EVER with Knownhost. An hour of downtime in over 6 months? I can live with that. They kept us in the loop and fixed it as soon as they could. Can't do more than that.


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If you have honestly only had 1 hour of down time in 6 months that certainly is impressive.

I've only been here 3 weeks with a vps account. From what I gather this is not a normal thing, rather a fluke. I haven't been here long enough to really know.

I have several other accounts at other hosts in the standard shared and reseller environment, which are down 2-3 hours every month. So if this happens once every six months with 1 hour of down time, I could more than live with that.

This is part of the reason I've been evaluating and trying a vps here. I was sick and tired of the down time at my other hosts and the stupid excuses I got all the time. Like we are aware of the issue and monitoring it, or it looks good on our end, we had a bad ram chip or hard drive we replaced, a corrupt something or other, it was always something elsewhere.

I'll give kh a little more evaluation before I make my final decision but so far so good. Just wish there was a little more user interation in the forums and wish they gave a little more space or at least allowed extra space for the operating system and control panel.