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If you were running close to your ram limit why would you get a package with less ram?
Like I said in my initial post. "What I have on the box does not justify the price difference between VPS2 and MVPS-2" It will be better for me to shut the box down if I cant keep it going on the ram the plan allows for. It will be a major inconvenience but this is the way it's going to be.
What do I have to do if I want to change from VPS2 to MVPS-2? I want the change on jan 25, I already paid till the 26th :)
If I upgrade from an SSD-2 to the new MVPS-2 does my account stay on the same server with just the specs changed or is the account moved to a new server?
Well for me moving from VPS2 to MVPS 2 was going to be too expensive, about a 50% increase. I discovered that some new tools that were installed with Cpanel was hogging some RAM. These tools I did not need so they were removed or disabled. Now I was able to move from VPS2 to MVPS1 with out issues. So those that are running close on the VPS2 look for some processes that are using up RAM that you do not need. It worked for me! Good luck.
Very interesting and enlightening. I just requested to move from my current VPS-2 to the MVPS-1. I passed on the MVPS-2 as well due to the increased cost factor. I would be very interested to know how you went about determining what aspects of cPanel were hogging RAM and how you went about disabling and/or removing the guilty culprits. Thanks much for your insight and info.
@WRMercier Happy to help! I ran TOP and noticed a java process was running, looking further I discovered this: "This is part of the cpanelsolr process. Speeds up mail (dovecot) directory/services search-listing.If you do not have high mail traffic, you can disable it via the service manager." So I disabled it within service manager. But after a reboot, it appeared again so I: "If you absolutely don't want it to run at all, you can always disable/remove it via WHM > Manage Plugins > Solr > Uninstall" Right now checking stats my RAM is at 25% I have also seen it at 50%. I have only seen it near 100% only for a bit once a day. I suspect that is when the back ups are running. Over all I am happy it is working. I hope this helps you.
CountryEd; Thank you ever so much for the insightful and informative info. It will be invaluable to me and I suspect many others who are working on a tight budget. Happy New Year and THANKS again.

Why are there no addons on the new system. Before you could buy bandwidth, memory and disk space if I recall correctly. The new one does not have these options. I am more than happy to change over but the old VPS 5 came with 13TB of bandwidth while the new one comes with 5TB. I have never used all of it but it might have been a better option to add the old addons to the system so I can take the 5TB as base bandwidth level and buy anything extra I thought I would need like an extra 2TB per month.

Just a thought. The VPS is expensive compared to others but the service is excellent and that is what we pay for, but you cannot squeeze the old customers into a new box with no options to add.