Feedback from resellers of cPanel Shared wanted

Discussion in 'cPanel reseller hosting' started by LeMarque, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. LeMarque

    LeMarque Member


    I'm currently on a KH VPS and couldn't be happier. I am considering reselling the shared server space and was hoping to get some feedback on what kind of server load you've experienced. How you manage your clients that hog resources, etc.

    Any feedback appreciated.

    Thanks -

  2. LeMarque

    LeMarque Member


    Sorry - couldn't help it.

    Aren't there any KH folks utilizing the reseller hosting?
  3. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    I was using their reseller hosting up until the beginning of the month, when I got myself a VPS. I had no problems with it at all, and the KH staff were very helpful with any questions I had.
  4. Yogesh Sarkar

    Yogesh Sarkar New Member

    I have a reseller account, but I don’t actually sell space to people. I just use it to host my own websites, but I guess you can come up with a TOS that is similar to load restrictions of Knownhost and in case you get a warning from knownhost regarding a site, you can warn your client.
  5. LeMarque

    LeMarque Member

    Thanks guys.

    Guess I'm wondering how many apps like Coppermine Gallery or other sites that require MySQL, can Reseller Hosting handle.
  6. Yogesh Sarkar

    Yogesh Sarkar New Member

    All would depend on the amount of traffic that these applications receive. After all a photo gallery getting only a couple of hundred visitors a day wont consume too many resources.

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