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Discussion in 'cPanel reseller hosting' started by Jeren, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    I know that my cPanel has taken a LOT longer to load than it used to. Sites and everything come up fine, but cPanel itself takes a while. A few customers of mine have noted it, and one customer has even had difficulty getting into cPanel at times.

    Should I just assume that this is due to updates to cPanel 11?
  2. Aussie_Boy

    Aussie_Boy Member

  3. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    I noticed this as well at times, and Aussie, I don't think it's due to the updates, since sometimes, it's blazing fast and it would actually happen every now and again before the cPanel 11 updates.

    It's no big deal; cPanel and WHM might take an extra 2 or 3 seconds to load. But just wanted to note, you're not the only one.

    If it's any consolation, right now, it's loading almost immediately over here. :)
  4. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    Unfortunately, it isn't just 2 or 3 seconds for me. It just took 14 seconds for it to load for me. Customer says that it sometimes takes a minute for their webmail to load up.

    And as a reseller, would I have root SSH access to try fixing any of this? Or is this even the cause of the problem?
  5. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    Thanks to a quick reply to a support ticket (as Knownhost does often), access time was improved by switching to a different theme. For now, it seems to be working. We'll see what happens if and when cPanel itself updates again...whenever that is.
  6. gameutopia

    gameutopia New Member

    Just out of curiousity what theme were you using and what theme did you switch too?

    Cpanel has been extremely slow for me also. I am using x3 right now. I like the layout and the way it looks.

    It was running very fast and smooth until recently, the last few days or so. I don't remember what updates if any were installed right off hand. I have cpanel/whm set to manual release tree, and the other security updates set to auto.

    I'll try some other themes and see what happens.

  7. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    Try switching back to "x" theme - it suppose to work faster than new "x3" however every theme in cPanel v11 started to work slower compared to v10. I guess it will take some time for cPanel developers to optimize everything and return things back to acceptable speed. Let's see what will happen over next couple weeks/months.


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  8. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    I was originally using X. I am now on X3. I'll go back to X and see what happens, though the main issue was with a customer of mine.

    You'd think the cPanel people would check these things before making a release.
  9. New Member

    Most likely, your correct.
    cPanel Developers need time to check on all the small things

    Pretty much, the same thing I told paul.
    cPanel Developers are makeing sure atleast cPanel works.
    They wanna get cPanel v11 out then work on all the small things.

    -Kody :]
  10. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    But aren't we always told it's the little things in life that matter? ;)

    Oh, and cPanel seems to be doing much better now, in case anyone reading this post is interested.
  11. New Member

    Yeah but im sure as you can figure it,
    cPanel base is the most important thing needed.
    Then the small things.
    x3 has a average load time of .005 seconds. :]] - on my page anyways.
    [Execution Time.]
  12. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    I've learned that I'm never around the average on anything, sanity included.

    As long as cPanel keeps improving, then it'll be fine. I know I like the new little nifty features in version 11. I never saw the video tutorials link in v10, so I'm thinking thats new (and quite useful!).
  13. New Member

    yes, the video tuts were a great addon in version 11
    but I feel sorry for the guy who had to make them all.
  14. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    Sorry, yes, but I'm definitely grateful. I've seen sites that sell videos like that. Having them included in cPanel without a charge to us is very nice, indeed.
  15. New Member

    The videos are paid for in the $1500 cpanel license haha.
  16. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    Well, I'm grateful someone else covered the charges. Thanks, Knownhost ;)
  17. New Member

    Yeah, Another great deed done by them >:]

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