WP Hosting

In the WP-1 hosting account, after an email address has been created it marks Spam emails with ***SPAM*** in the subject line. Is there a way to stop them from being downloaded to the email client such as Outlook or Macmail? Looking for a server side solution, I am not near the computer to set up a filter in their software.

PS - How come no WP Hosting sub forum?
SpamAssassin is what marks those as ***SPAM***. Log into your cPanel and adjust your Spam Filter settings. You can just have SpamAssassin discard those emails, but I prefer to keep them and instead filter them into a Junk Email Folder. Not sure how many options WP hosting offers, so this may or may not be available to you, I would think it would be.
There is no cPanel access with the WP hosting package. I have access to Horde and the other online email programs but they won't work for deleting them on the server. My Mom will have to live with them till we go down there again and I can set up a filter in Mac Mail for her.

There is very limited things you can do with a WP hosting account but it is fast, the site loads in 600 ms which is faster than my VPS.

Thanks Josh. :)
Assuming it's the same, you could just login to her WebMail and create a filter that deletes any email containing ***SPAM*** for that email account, but that will only apply it to that single email account.


Those options would be nice but this is all there is with the WP hosting package. I tried to do it via the mail programs such as Horde but that does not seem to work unless you log into Horde before opening the desktop mail program.

An email filter would be very nice to have on the WP hosting (just a SMALL hint Jonathan). :)