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  1. Naushad

    Naushad Member

    Greetings all,
    I am not much of a technical guy but I have been reading some articles on my thread title. I have a VPS (cpanel) with KH. Right now offering small number of hosting accounts with not much burden on the resources. My clients ask me whether I am offering Wordpress Hosting or otherwise?
    What I need to understand whether Wordpress hosting is something "very" different from the shared one? If so, what should I have to offer Wordpress Hosting to inquiries?
    Thanks for help in advance :)
  2. adev

    adev Member

    it's not really different per-se, aside from perhaps certain optimisations that might clash with other uses if it's in a 'shared' environment. It really mainly depends on the traffic and resource needs of any given site.

    As an example, I have a VPS2 on which I host a couple of my own websites and resell to clients (under 2 dozen clients in total). There are really 4 active wordpress sites on there now, ranging from 300 unique visitors / 3000 hits / 40mb bandwidth per month to 6,600 unique visitors / 83,000 hits / 1.8GB bandwidth. There are also a handful of other 'static' sites, one of which has a fairly high bandwidth usage as an opencart website selling large-ish (200mb-1.4gb) downloadable files. So the wordpress sites on average are very light use, but a couple of them are low-medium traffic wise.

    on my VPS with 2GB ram and 16 CPUs I see for the last month negligible CPU use (no peaks over 100% of an available 1600%), negligible bandwidth usage relative to the amount allowed (6TB I think), and consistently about 50% memory usage, which peaks to around 100% early every morning when I backup the cPanel accounts.

    Other than a spamming hack due to an outdated wordpress installation a couple of weeks ago, I've had no trouble with resources or anything else in the last year I've been here on KH, the same cannot be said for the final year I spent (of around 3 years) at hostgator on shared reseller hosting.
  3. adev

    adev Member

    so to put it simply - yes you can tell your clients they can install and run a wordpress site with no trouble, however you will need to make sure they keep it updated for security reasons (have that in T&Cs of use) and obviously they should understand that if they have a wordpress site that is/gets very popular they may have to move to a dedicated VPS at that point.
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  4. Naushad

    Naushad Member

    Thanks Adev, that is really helpful. I have more than 70 websites hosted on my VPS2. I haven't really checked but I guess, 70% of them are dynamic including wordpress and other custom made web CMS. I have never had any resource usage issues but the one that I mostly face is email. Mostly clients complaint that their emails (i.e. their webmail) links do not open (server not found error). Another problem is also related to email service. They claim that outlook (email client) is unable to connect with the server, etc.
    If you have any solution to this, please do share.
    So for the thread topic, I guess it is safe to say that wordpress is ok on shared hosting.
    Any other tips would be helpful :)
  5. adev

    adev Member

    Th most common issue I see with email is in setting up the email client, where it is set by default to use outgoing port 25 when known host default is to block 25 and use 26 instead (from memory, pretty sure that is theroght way around)., and so of course no email can be sent. Also make sure correct settings are used for SSL/non SSL mail connections as they are different on the default setup.
  6. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

    That's not true, both 25 and 26 are open and usable in our default configuration.

    This sounds like more of a DNS issue than anything - ie DNS records are being used that don't exist, or are incorrect. Alternatively your ISP may block port 25 which is why we have 26 also setup in our default deployments.
  7. adev

    adev Member

    Ah ok my mistake, its an ISP issue as you say and changing to port 26 fixes it. Sorry memory is a bit hazy tonight.

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