Wordpress DB problem for Addon subdomain

Discussion in 'cPanel shared hosting' started by theonlysandman, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. theonlysandman

    theonlysandman New Member

    After nearly 10 other WordPress installs, I am stumped doing it on
    a KnownHost subdomain.

    * Database was created
    * I know the username and password
    * I can see the DB in phpmyadmin

    I can see the /readme.html file but the

    Give a typlical database error.

  2. L4D-Marc

    L4D-Marc New Member

    Sounds odd. You don't need to load the install.php file directly.

    You should just be able to go to http://yourdomain.com and then enter the details. Did you grant access for the user to the database?
  3. Mike54

    Mike54 Member

    You remembered to edit the wp-config.php file, correct?

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