Where to find cgi-bin directory?


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I am really confused :confused: I am trying to install Movable Type on an account and can't find the cgi-bin directory...

Here're the instructions that came with MT, anyone know where cgi-bin is? When they say Web root, they mean: public_html or www ?

  1. Copy the mt-static directory from your local computer to the Web root directory on the Web server.
  2. Open the cgi-bin directory on your Web server. Make a new directory within it named mt. Copy all of the other Movable Type installation folders and files to the mt directory.

cgi-bin is traditionally placed just outside the web root for security purposes, so one level up from public_html (provided CGI use is not disabled for that account in cPanel).
So if there's no cgi-bin outside the web root, does that mean I can just create a folder named "cgi-bin" and move on? Thanks.
No, Apache will have to be configured with an appropriate ScriptAlias directive pointing it there. If you have no cgi-bin directory then CGI support is probably not enabled for that account.
Well I checked WHM and CGI is enabled for the account but still cannot see cgi-bin there...

I guess I will submit a support ticket.
Well guess what? Even though it appeared that cgi was enabled for that account, I terminated it and re-created. Now I can see cgi-bin under public_html but not ouside of it?
If they say web root they would most likely be referring to your public_html folder. The www folder is usually just a shortcut that points to your public_html folder.