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I don't even know where to begin. I know KnownHost has a great reputation, and system maintenance has to be done... but the fact that so much changed seemingly overnight, with absolutely no warning or even a mention anywhere I can find, is extremely unprofessional.

* The cpanel/WHM/rvskin changed, and not just look and feel, but options that I spent considerable time adjusting for my users. It took me days to set up the rvskin theme, weed out all the useless options and things I didn't want my users seeing. Tonight I log in and it's completely jacked up, and not surprisingly things don't work quite right. I had to go back and remove unwanted options again from rvskin manager, and there seems to be no way to return to the plain rvlightblue that was acceptable to me. Most importantly, I guess this could all happen again someday, without warning?

Things I've noticed in just 5 minutes:

- In users' panel, there often appears a bit of CSS code displayed on the screen: img { behavior: url("../themeimages/pngbehavior.htc"); }

- In WHM, the list of accounts table won't align properly, but then sometimes it will.

- Even in Admin Mode, options for FTP are nowhere to be found?

- The server was not able to find the document (./frontend/rvskinlight/index.html) you requested.

- 'Manage another account' pulldown fails sometimes, works sometimes

- Suddenly 'main accounts' don't have email anymore? This one really got me, as the few customers I set up were using the master login account as their main email address.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. I don't ever want to be surprised by something like this again.

I've always found cpanel to be cheap and ugly, and this just reinforces my belief. It just screams unprofessional. I'd much rather provide my users with a basic, plain control panel to change password and manage email accounts, but I guess I'm stuck with this for now.

Any advice, and the common courtesy of notification in the future, would be greatly appreciated.


I'm aware KnownHost has no control over what cPanel or RVSkin do with their software, but there's gotta be a way to prevent unpleasant surprises like this in the future... I hope?
All our shared/reseller systems are configured to auto-update cPanel installation every night. This way regular bug fixes and fixes for possible security problems gets delivered to the hosting platform pretty much as soon as fix is released. From one hand this allows to keep systems up to date, from the other hand such updates may kill some of the existing functionality due to bad quality of cPanel releases. This specific update to cPanel v11 is like a worst nightmare for our support - we've got huge amount of tickets related to post upgrade problems from our shared and VPS customer. Very sad to see such low quality build being pushed into the RELEASE (suppose to be the most stable) update tree.
Unfortunately at this point of time we can't do much but fight with all post-upgrade issues and wait for fixes from cPanel team.


Thanks for the response Paul.

The more I thought about it after I posted, the more I realized this was the case, and my angst with KnownHost was a bit misdirected.

The whole panel thing seems to be a mess though, they obviously spend way more time coming up with cutesy icons than they do working on some good, solid, simple functionality. The English is pretty nasty too, obviously they are developed somewhere other than the U.S.

I'm really at a loss as to what to provide my customers as far as a control panel. The rvlight with most options removed seemed to be the least ugly choice, but now even that has changed for the worse.

I'm at the point where the best course might be to simply provide users with an FTP account, and try to hide the existence of cPanel entirely from them. That seems a shame though, and a waste of the resources you offer.

Thanks again,


P.S. The most pressing thing I need to figure out, which a support ticket didn't really resolve, is this:

When I creat an account, I use the "main" account as the user's main email and only ftp account. Suddenly mail sent to that main account is being rejected, and I suspected it had to do with the default address and :fail: setting. Trying to alter it myself in cPanel seemingly has no effect

Thing is, I did not alter that in any way, and it was working up until yesterday. Support said the "default address is set to :fail:" and offered to change it for me.

But... wouldn't that mean that the 'main' account would then be serving as a catchall, and getting all mail sent to non-existant addresses? That's hardly what I'm looking for...

Another solution offered somewhere else was to create an email account with the same name as the main account, but that seems ridiculous, as the user would then have two accounts, with the same name, and possibly different passwords... very confusing.
RVskin is not a part of cPanel but rather an optional add-on which is developed by a 3rd party company located somewherei n India (I believe). I would suggest to try to switch theme for your accounts to x3 - brand new theme directly from cPanel - it looks pretty good and customers like it. The only problem with cPanel native themes is that cPanel doesn't provide multi language support, this is why we offer RVskin - this product is shipped in 23 or so languages.

Can you PM me domain name of the account where you're trying to change default delivery rules and have no luck? Indeed, default setting is ":fail:" which means that emails to non-existing mailboxes will be rejected during SMTP session. Setting default delivery to catch-all isn't good as in shared environemnt this result in increased load on the system, filled up disk space with junk emails and complaining customers as they fail to understand that emails delivered to their system inbox are counted against their disk space limit.

So I take it that the new Cpanel is a disaster?

Is it really that bad though? I was thinking of buying another VPS with the new CPanel?
So I take it that the new Cpanel is a disaster?

Is it really that bad though? I was thinking of buying another VPS with the new CPanel?


I've been running the Current build for over a month now and the only problem I had was very minimal and involved Spamassassin of all things. I have since switched to ASSP and am much happier with that anyways.

I simply updated then switched all domains over to the X3 theme and everything's been running smoothly.

I could of course be the exception to the rule but I personally like the new version quite a bit. One gripe is that there is still no support for Apache 2 but it is supposedly coming soon.