What are the recommended Spamassassin settings to limit Spam?

Rouviere Media

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I am new to Knownhost and since moving over I am getting an over abundance of spam to my email accounts.

Support turned on Spamassassin and SpamAssassin™ reject spam score threshold setting is set to 15. What is the recommended setting? Are there other settings I can modify to limit the spam better?

Most people use a far lower spam threshold. Most people I've seen have their threshold set around 5 or 6.

On our side, we have enable the default of SpamAssassin to 5 but for some companies that we host, a setting of 3 is working perfectly without any lost of emails. As Jonathan said earlier, 5 or 6 work best out of the box.

You can also whitelist incoming emails that you do not want SpamAssassin to delete in case it goes over your limit. We have done this for a customer of ours that is running a movie theater and they are receiving important keys by emails to unlock movies so they can play. Making sure they are received is now a thing of the past as they are whitelisted and we kept the spam level to none with a setting of 3

Hope it can help someone in the future!
I have mine set at 2 or 3. I forgot and don't feel like looking. :p But, as they said, I have mine set low as to not block any messages that may accidentally be marked as spam.