Webmail/Mail outage?


Any resellers having or had issues accessing webmail or receiving mail in general over the last couple of days?


For the last week or so, access to webmail for me and my customers have been very slow. Then yesterday morning, no response to webmail. All sent mail bouncing to my domains.

Unfortunately I've been out of town (and out of the loop!) for the last few days, and I don't have access to my support account information. (otherwise I would have just fired in a support ticket.)

Anyone seen the similar/same?
I've had reports from customers about cPanel outages for hours at a time. I had some reports that cPanel was up this morning, then out, then back up. I don't know what is causing it, though I was told yesterday that small outages are probably cPanel restarts, though I don't think that explains outages lasting more than a few minutes.
We're working with cPanel team to get this resolved. Service is working more or less ok on newer systems but older installations such as c01 and c02 show various problems that cannot be seen on newer systems. c01 and c02 went through multiple upgrade stages and sounds like this might be related to something in cPanel that was carried over from previous configuration, this is why cPanel team was involved in investigation.