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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by curdude, Aug 28, 2015.

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    I am wondering what the recommendation would be in rolling out 25+ domains (web shops) (possibly 100+), each indivudually with its own IP, SSL, payment processing with Magento. Magento is a resource hog so not sure if a VPS (individual or grouped) is the correct solution or a Dedicated (grouped or individual) is better.

    Another service has recommended the hosting of the database on a separate machine.

    Can KH suggest or recommend a set up? Custom solutions possible at KH? Or are packages as is?

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    No need for multiple IPs over SSL with SNI support, which all newly provisioned VPSes / Dedicated servers will have, so that will save some money for you.

    I would start off with an SSD-4 or -5 with Zendopcache for caching. Then if you outgrow it, migration to a dedicated is a ticket away.
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    Helllo Frddie,

    I was contemplating an SSD VPS then move to dedicated if needed. Thank you for confirming my thoughts. I understand the migration / upgrading would be pretty seamless from any VPS upwards.

    I read about SNI but not all folks are convinced this would work. Do you have any references on the SNI? Also what about the idea about hosting the database on a separate machine?

    Thank you.
  4. KH-FreddieA

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    I'm not sure what some people could think is wrong with SNI (excepting the browsers and servers that are not capable). Here's a wikipedia link on the matter:


    The main concern client-wise is this subset of browsers with no support:

    However, that group is getting smaller every day.

    Running the database on another machine shouldn't be a problem - would just require modifying the config files for sites from localhost to the remote server.
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    Hello Freddie,

    Thank you again for your expertise. Is there an email address for special requests / configurations / consultations like these?

  6. KH-FreddieA

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    You can always submit a ticket (if you're a customer). If it doesn't fall under our support scope, we'll try to point you in the right place.

    [email protected]

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