vitfs folder in my root home folder?

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    I have several accounts set up on my VPS and domains attached to all of these. However in my /home folder I have a folder called virtfs along with all the other folders entitled the same name as the account names I set up.

    The folder just seems to be an alias of some of the accounts but not all of them. I didn't create it so why would it be there, and why would it only contain some of the accounts?

    Any ideas?
  2. Dan

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    Hi bozboz,

    Taken from:
  3. bozboz

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    Thank you for the reply. I am kind of new to this so I will do some googleing on chroot user into jailed shell. Is this because of something I set up in Tweak Settings about jailing users?

    Should I be thinking about running a cron job once a month on each account like the one you suggested:

    ps aufx |grep user |grep jailshell

  4. Dan

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    When you set up your accounts you have given them SSH access. If you do not 'jail' them they can possibly cause problems with files outside of their account.

    Unless your users report problems like 2x their actual disk usage you should not need to do anything :)

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