Virtualization Platform Upgrade


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UPDATE 6/18/15 - Migrations have officially begun.
UPDATE 7/12/15 - Migrations are 15% complete.
UPDATE 8/20/15 - Migrations are 40% complete.
UPDATE 8/31/15 - Migrations are 60% complete.
UPDATE 9/07/15 - Migrations are 80% complete.
UPDATE 9/21/15 - Migrations complete.

Over the course of the next 6-12 months we are going to migrate each VPS on our network off of the Virtuozzo platform and onto the OpenVZ platform. This will not require any action on your part and will for the most part be a pretty seamless transition. It will require a single reboot to your VPS which should take no more than a few minutes. For VPSs with many millions of files it could take longer as a VPS quota recalculation will take place during this reboot.

The main reason we are making this migration is because Virtuozzo as a product is reaching it's end of life, whereas OpenVZ is an actively maintained project very similar to Virtuozzo. The differences in Virtuozzo and OpenVZ this day and age are actually very minor. The only one which will effect the normal operation of your VPS is the decommissioning of Virtuozzo Power Panel. As each VPS is upgraded, control of it will become available within the KnownHost client area. Our sister company, RocketVPS has been built on top of OpenVZ and it's proven to be a stable and reliable platform.

This will be a positive step forward as with OpenVZ comes new capabilities for VPS control within our client area and an all new Java console to let you access a command line of your VPS should you become locked out. Of course you can always open a support ticket in this situation as well, some will find this new feature very handy. As an added bonus, we're setting all VPS port speeds to 100Mbps and deploying new VPSs with this port speed as opposed to our old default setting of 10Mbps.

Below are answers to some questions you'll probably have:

Q: Will I keep my IPs?
A: Yes you get to keep them. Your IPs will not change.

Q: Will there be any downtime?
A: There will be a few minutes of downtime for a single VPS reboot and quota recalculation.

Q: Will my VPS port speed change?
A: Yes! We're raising all VPS network port speeds to 100Mbps for those who's VPS wasn't already set this way.

Q: Is there anything I need to do?
A: No, we'll take care of everything. Sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting :)

Q: How can I tell if my VPS has been moved?
A: The best way is to look within the client area. If the name of your package ends with (m) it has not been moved yet. For example, “VPS-3 (m)” has not been moved, whereas “VPS-3” has been. In addition, there will be new VPS control options available to you if your VPS has been moved. These features are documented at

Q: Can you move all of my VPSs at once?
A: No. Migrations are being performed very carefully, generally based on node.

Q: Can you move my VPSs first?
A: Unfortunately we cannot schedule any particular VPS to be moved prior to another one.

Q: When will you move my servers?
A: This depends on a number of factors such as how fast the container before yours migrated, how fast the node before yours migrated, how quickly our staff are able to complete post-migration tasks, etc. As such, we cannot give you an exact time frame to expect migration.
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That is freaking awesome!
One question - will new (new orders) VPSs be created on OpenVZ?

You guys rock... :D
I don't know if this OpenVZ is the right solution,
for me it's just a matter of "costs".
When I was with my previous hoster I had nothing but problems and nightmares about OpenVZ :( and this was not so long than 1 year ago...
This was also one of the reasons I moved here...because there VPS was not OpenVZ based !
I tried to go to Paralles site to check news about Virtuozzo going to retirement... but I did not find anything
can you point me to where they say Virtuozzo is going to die? Thanks!
Well, I cannot edit and make additional comments to my previous message.... so I will just put them now, because "at cold" I forgot to add some more considerations:

Am I just the only one to be a little disappointed about this?
Virtuozzo has always been considered the big commercial brother of OpenVZ, which is instead a free open source alternative of it.
Xen or Kvm could be instead considered good alternative choices.

OpenVZ for me, will always mean "cheap" and I hope this is not the start for Known Host to become a hosting provider like the cheap mass of others out there, and they are many.

Till now, for me, you have made a difference and a step ahead among the others... but next ...? With this "upgrade"? I don't know.
Maybe it's just from my point of view but this is to be considered as a downgrade, not an upgrade.

And still imho for this unexpected change of plans Known Host should offer a discount to old customer plans (Virtuozzo based), as an effort and incentive to keep them.

Only today that I got to know about this change, I have to say that I'm pretty sad and worried.
But well, maybe I worry for nothing. We live month by month here... so we will see how it goes... as everything, nothing is for sure.
@calpurnio The technical differences between Virtuozzo and OpenVZ are basically non-existent this day and age. I can understand your concerns but both are very solid products, from almost the exact same code base. Infact it wasn't too long ago that many of the remaining items from the Virtuozzo code base were simply merged into OpenVZ, if anything I would say OpenVZ is on the verge, if not already surpassing Virtuzzo.

We will always continue to maintain the same quality of services that we have been known for. Changing the underlying name of the tech really won't change this.

As far as discounts, there is a negligible difference between the open source and commercial version of the product. By making this change it has allowed us to expand our automated offerings and put in place the new system, and will also allow us to bring more automation to the table, giving you the customer in the end more direct control without having to wait for one of our staff members to effect the change.

All in all this will be a very positive move for the company, and from the customer side of things, aside from receiving more features at your finger tips over the next few months, you should notice no other impact, everything will continue to function and operate without any noticeable changes. There is no need for concern or worry, as our focus has been and will always be our customers, their satisfaction and providing everyone with the best quality product that we can.
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All right Daniel, thanks
I want to believe and trust your point of view, as long as your assurance of service quality and effort in future developments.
We will wait for this upgrade.
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All right Daniel, thanks
I want to believe and trust your point of view, as long as your assurance of service quality and effort in future developments.
We will wait for this upgrade.

Here's a chart detailing Virtuozzo's EOL:

As Daniel mentioned, the two products are virtually identical this day in age. 10 years ago when KnownHost opened it was a different story, hence the reason we built on Virtuozzo. Even a few years ago when we launched RocketVPS we built it on OpenVZ as even then the two products were nearly identical and it's proven to be a solid platform for us.
I am launching a new Xenforo forum and ended up dumping the new "reliable" "site" that I purchased a dedicated server from after they couldn't even deliver me a server that was properly configured after 3 tries spanning 5 days...

I have been digging through your forum specificially because of concerns over not having a way to have live contact in any forum for support but it seems like your forum members have been very satisfied so I'm getting ready to pull the trigger and noticed this announcement.

I absolutely do not want to start a brand new service and shortly thereafter have it migrated... so what do I need to do in order to ensure that my brand new SSD VPS is created on one of the new OpenVZ servers?