User account details


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Hello all,
Have a question about fields in cPanel for account information. I'm try to find out if there is any fields, or way to add fields, to store more user information about a user account.

Previously my control panel was H-Sphere but I have also used Plesk a tiny bit. I'm new to cPanel and trying to find my way around so excuse the novice question(s).

In H-Sphere and Plesk there is several additional account fields available that store full names, address, company info, and other info. I'm wanting to know if I can have these same fields available in cPanel?
Hello s58smith,

To my knowledge there is no place in CPanel to enter this information. I can see where it would be handy to have.
That's probably something you would want to store in a billing software, such as WHMCS, which KnownHost offers.