two configuration annoyances

Discussion in 'cPanel shared hosting' started by dkap, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. dkap

    dkap New Member

    Has anyone successfully dealt with the following?

    1) spamd produces numerous notification emails:

    "lfd on Excessive resource usage: mysite"
    "lfd on Suspicious process running under user mysite"


    Command Line (often faked in exploits):
    spamd child

    Can a higher threshold be set for spamd specifically to not trigger the warnings?

    2) Bounced emails from several of the domains on my account come back to the primary account address. I think it's a matter of something like [email protected] not being an existing email box, so the response gets routed to my primary address instead of being blackholed.

    There was a #3, but I forgot what it was while typing this. Must not have been that annoying. :)

  2. LaptopFreak

    LaptopFreak Member

    Contact support and they can tweak it to your liking.
  3. dkap

    dkap New Member

    Easy enough. I just figured there might be some straight forward adjustments that would be useful for a community how-to.


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