Stupid Question


Time Lord
Yes, I'm new to this...

So I'm trying to make a new account in WHM... and it tells me its putting me over my space limit. Looks like my main reseller account has the full quota. Do I need to adjust my own packages info to be able to make other accounts?

Your main domain gets all the resources allocated to it upon your order. You can create new accounts but you first should edit the resources to the first domain to free up the memory, disk space, etc. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask our support guys.

Ahh... so I have to edit the main one...that makes sense. So much sense. Much more sense than I had when I wrote that question.

Like I said, it was stupid. ;)

So I should just make a new package to fit my main domain and set the domain to that package..
Jeren, don't be so hard on yourself, we're all new at one point or another.

At a time like this, I like to chime in with one my all-time favorite quotes.

"Just remember, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people who ask questions."

:) Harhar!
Don't be so hard on myself?! You just called me stupid. ;)

This reminds me of a speech I gave once... A speech regarding idiots. I suppose I should upload that outline...