Status check for server name c02?


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I'm not sure if this is the proper section to start this thread or if it should be with the reseller section but I've been experiencing some access problems to the websites under my reseller account. (Just move this thread to the appropriate forum please. Thanks.)

There were times I get empty page or zero reply but upon refresh, things are normal again. Also there were times it takes so long to access the sites under my account. And then if websites are fine to access, when I try to access the cpanel, almost all access to websites under my account are difficult or will take so long to load. Sometimes it'll end up with an empty page display and must be refreshed.

I already filed a ticket before when I found it was happening too often but based on the communicated I had with support, it is possibly one of the nodes in route that's causing the delay or lag. So I thought it must be my home dsl connection. However, for the past couple of days, I've been accessing my cpanel and visit the hosted websites from my office internet connection and I'm experiencing the same thing. This time it is getting more frequent. And for some reason, it made me think of the abusive script that caused some access problem to one of the websites under my account. So I'm hoping if someone can post a network, hardware and system status of the c02 server?

By the way, I already have sent an email to KnownHost support about an hour ago.
Hi aquasolaris,

Please PM me your ticket number so I can take a look at the problem you're experiencing.