Sites going down on a periodic basis

Yogesh Sarkar

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My sites have been on and off for almost four days now, I have submitted tickets regarding this but never got an explanation why is this the case!

I am loosing business due to this and I do not like the fact that I am not being told what exactly is the problem. Next month it would be a year since I started hosting with knownhost and I have to say this is the worst I have seen till now!

I am on the c03 system; can some one please explain to me what the problem is with that server?

Problem with c03 was resolved and I've seen that yesterday support provided you with information about the exact cause - abusive account. It took quite some time to find exact source but at the end problem was resolved. I'm not sure what additional information is required? We for sure can't, shound't and won't release things like domain name or name of the person who was related to resource abuse.

Paul just go through the tickets that I have submitted over the course of past few days and you will see only once I was told (yesterday) about the abusive account and nothing before or after that. This is despite the fact that my tickets were all submitted during almost the same time period each day!

I have been a customer of knownhost for almost a year now and I have previously seen downtime and each time it was fixed and some sort of satisfactory answer was provided on why the problem actually occurred.

Now I don’t expect knownhost or for that matter any other hosts to provide me the name of the person or the domains which were actually causing the problem. In fact I don’t really care who was behind the problem as long as my host is able to diagnose and fix the issue. I also do not expect that I would be told that there is no problem at all and yet I continue to see repetitions of those on a daily basis!
Are you saying your site is down / unavailable? If so please PM me with information about where and how I can duplicate your observations.
The problem that happened yesterday was resolved. There is, of course, no guarantee that another abusive account won't appear on the system tomorrow, day after tomorrow, in a month or so as this is something that does happen with reseller hosting from time to time and we do monitor our systems for illegal activity and for abusive resource usage. When anything like that happens we step in and correct the problem and we're doing so pretty much on daily basis.
I am sure this will be solved like any other issue.
one Question is this about vps ?
I thought VPS Equal share is safe in this respect!