Reselling VPS, how?

Discussion in 'cPanel reseller hosting' started by zamirathe, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. zamirathe

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    I am looking at reselling both shared and VPS space on a website. I will be buying the first VPS very soon for my hosting site. (I'm hoping for the first week of April.)

    So I've been doing my research. I know there are ways of setting up the system so that once you are paid, a shared account is created, and the username and password for Cpanel sent to the new client. Is this possible for VPS? How would I even set it up in WHMCS or Cpanel so that when a new VPS comes in, it doesn't try to set up a shared account but instead emails me?

    On another note, I have been researching Paypal subscriptions. Is it currently possible to charge overuse fees on a Paypal subscription? I haven't found anything except that you can charge overuse fees in WHMCS but not how it will work with Paypal subscriptions.

    Any help from current resellers would be much appreciated.

  2. F.Mack

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    Reselling VPS how

    I really dont think they allow free VPS hosting. From what I read on the site you can buy a package and then maybe transfer it to vps. But you can see the price in dropdown.
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    I would also like to know.
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    VPS reselling is simple, when you have 3 or more VPSes, you will eligible to get discounted price for your next VPS order. Check this out

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